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Update, please?

What's this? After being inactive for so long there is an update?? Well for the couple of you who actually watch this blog, don't get too excited. There still aren't any updates for Fushigi Yuugi that I'm aware of(although I have been so super busy with school and work that It's quite possible I've missed something). I'm pretty sure there hasn't been a date released for the continuance of Genbu Kaiden, but I'm still thinking we can hope for this spring possibly.

I'm a little late in mentioning this one (by about 5 months) but there is a DS port of the two Fushigi Yuugi PS2 games, Kagami no Miko and Suzaku Ibun (Japan only). I haven't gotten hold of this version so I don't know if there are any differences between these and the PS2 releases.

Anyway, for those of you who follow Watase's other manga, I hope you have been following Arata Kangatari. It's getting really good! What am I saying...? It's BEEN really good. It's just getting even better. =)

If you haven't been following it you can read it here: Arata Kangatari on One Manga. It's being done by PROJECT Kurai Ryu, and I've picked up as editor recently.