Hey guys my names Kay. I love singing and writing songs. I can play the drums and guitar a little. My favorite colors are blue and turquoise. I love making people smile or laugh........... I can be really funny sometimes.Since I'm on figment I can fly XD i also have winter powers too and I'm not afraid to hit you with a snowball if your being mean either -_- I LOVE anime.

Prologue- The Winter Rose

~Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the small hill just up from the mountain? If you walk past and into the woods a bit deeper you would find a mansion... in that mansion lives a cursed boy he was 17 years old. Now this boy had a sad and dangerous pass. It involved a girl. He loved the girl dearly and would have done anything for her. His happiness came to a end when the girl was brutally murdered. He found her body in a pool of rich and dark red blood, there was a white rose beside her head gleaming brightly. He had kept it in a small box on a table. He soon started to become selfish,rude, his heart turned into stone.

Legends say that another girl will come and break the stone heart. If not he will surely wither away in darkness and despair.~

Watch out for more chapters - v - Also sorry for not posting anything for so long !!!!! Please forgive me >.<


Kay, jack, Rapunzel, Merida, and hiccup are sitting in the living room chilling, while Camille runs around pumped for who is coming.

Camille: ok remember act nice, BUT still be cool!! Oh yah and use your manners! OH and what ever you do DO NOT OFFEND HIM!!!! I'm hot are you guys hot, I'm sweating
Camille keeps rambling on.

Kay: okay Camille shut up we know how to act! throws a pillow at her

Rapunzel: oh come on Kay she is just really excited! It's funny to see her race around! Rapunzel smiles at Kay

Jack: I don't care what you call it but I think she's going to pass out...

Kay: eats gummy bears OHHHHHHHH yah Camille's in lov-

~ding dong~ (that was the door........I hope it sounds like a door)

Camille: HE'S HERE!!!!
Camille trips over a pillow, jumps over the couch, bumps into the table, and runs to the door. before opening it she dusts herself off

Kay & Jack: your weird

Camille:...yah I am
Camille opens the door

Camille: hello welcome to the ask or dare the big four, please come in smiles

Wolverine: alright thin walks in

Everyone stands up

Camille: this is everyone Jack, Kay, Merida, Rapunzel, Hiccup , and well me

Wolverine: alright well let's get started, you said you had some truths and some dares for me right?

Camille: yep we do!

Everyone walks to the table and sits down

Merida: okay I'd like to start!
Is it true that you have metal claws?

Wolverine: yes it is retracts his claws for her to see
Merida: woooooow that's so cool!

Jack: ok my turn, can you really regenerate?

Wolverine: how about you come here and find out bub

Jack: sweats intently haha I'll just take your word for it

Hiccup: what's the best thing about being you?

Wolverine: the only thing that's good about being me, is that I can hold my alcohol

Hiccup:.....I wish I was like that.....

Rapunzel: do you ever get scared?

Wolverine: when you can't die things get less scary

Camille: so coooolllll ok ok what are the X-men like

Wolverine:their super loud. But some of them I can stand more than others. They never litten up though,their always worken on something to "help the world" bugs the crap outa me sometimes.

Camille:that's so awesome!!!!!!! Ok looks like Kay is the last one to ask a question or dare

Kay: smirks I dare you to hug Camille!!!

Wolverine: dose that even count as a dare it has nothing to do with me?

Kay: a dares a dare

Camille quickly gets up and runs to Wolverine, hugging his side

Camille: This is the h-happiest moment of my l-life

1 minute passes
2 minutes passes

Jack: um Camille

3 minutes passes

Rapunzel: Camille it's time to let go

4 minutes pass

Kay: looks like we're gonna have to do this the hard way. Jack get her right leg I'll get her left

Jack: goch-yah

Wolverine left and now it was only Kay, Camille, Jack, Merida, Rapunzel, and Hiccup

Jack: what happened to being cool?

Camille: haha I gave that until half way through the questions

Kay: ....your hopeless
everyone nods in agreement

Camille: at least I got something off my bucket list


Kay walks in with Camille and sits down in the circle with the big four.

Kay: alright guys since the beginning we have been doing dares

Camille: stands up putting her finger in the air And Thats bullshit!

Kay:Its called truth or dare for a reason

Camille: and so all of us are going to do a truth

Kay: right now

Camille: right here

the big four is silent and you can hear the grasshopper chirping. they all nod there heads yes

Kay and Camille sit down

Kay: looks at hiccup is it true you like Camille?

Hiccup: no................................... as a friend

Camille: looks at Kay with a what the fuck face ok my turn.

she looks at Jack

Camille: before you became Jack frost were you a player? smirks

Jack: ehhhehem that is classified information..............but if you must know lets just say I wasn't single

Kay grabs a pancake and throws it at Jacks face that's what you get for making me like you~!!!!!!!!!!!!


Camille: wait wait pause the story. how do you get a pancake from friken no were

Kay:I made a bunch of pancakes for breakfast

Camille: so dose that give you the right to throw them in peoples faces?

Kay: you know what he told me he was single!

Camille: WTF!!!!!! you should have known he was lying hes a man whore

Kay: He is not a man whore. He's my little baby bunkerroo and secondly thats why he got hit with a pancake.

camille: but why a PANCAKE

Kay: Because pancakes are AWESOME now shush before i make hiccup kiss you with dragon slob on his mouth pokerface

Camille: WTF wrong with you

Kay: plays the song i'm different while nodding my head


Kay: ok jack your turn

jack takes the pancake off his face and eats it

Jack: So Merida have you every dated anyone


Jack: Thats sad

Merida: shut up Jack!

Merida: Rapunzel didn't you cut your hair short in the movie Tangled?

Rapunzel:...................I honestly don't know how to answer that because i have no idea myself

Rapunzel: ok Camille who do you like?

Camille: i'm in love with wolverine

Camille: ok hiccup your turn

Hiccup: ok Kay who do you like?

Kay: jumps on Jacks back and covers his ears making sure he dosn't hear I like Jack............


Kay: walks up to jack and talks to him quietly OK Jack I dared you to throw a snowball at Merida.

Jack: nods and makes like 20 snowballs. He walks a few steps and see's merida and he attacks her with all of the snowballs. heheheheheh

Merida: head pops out of the snow and her face is red with fury. She takes her bow and starts to run after Jack screaming I'm gonna beat the crap out of you!!!!!!!!!!

Jack starts to fly away and Merida shoots arrows at him. Kay and Camille duck for cover.

Hair and Merida

Kay and Camille walk into the room and the big four is already there Kay: ok Rapunzel you have a question Rapunzel:Yay! Kay: ok Stormie D.: how do the others deal with your insane amount of hair?...

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