Simple introduction: Roleplaying and Fanfictions made.If you'd like to become a guest poster just ask.Lol.


Hey guys,sadly I had to chop all my pretty long nails off. BUUTTTT~ guess what? I did it because I'm teaching myself to play guitar with my dad. I'm gonna practice everynight and hopefully you guys will get to see and hear really soon.


Well my birthday is the 29th of November~And guess what? You all are invited!~I think I shall make a room when it's my birthday and anyone who wants to come to the party is welcome to come. ^^ Well until then,get ready for fun.


Hey~I'm gonna start a TH roleplay so anyone who wants to join let me know~

About Me

Name: Row76
Sex: Female
Music: Rock,Metal,R&B,Pop,pretty much a song in every category lol
Celebrity look-alike: I've been told I look like Amy Lee and sound like Lacey from Flyleaf if I do screamo^^
Siblings: None unless they're my friends I call siblings
Hair color: Black
Eye color: hmmm,bluish-grey
Personality: Sweet,caring,brutally honest,have bad temper if you say right things,friendly,and loving
Favorite book: uuhhh like the Night World with the guy named Angel ^^
Kids: None unless in RP ^^ hope to have some someday
Fave season: Summer
Why?: I hate the cold,but love snow....
Fave dance type: Tecktonik
Hobbies: listening to music,talking,on phone,free running,dancing,most of all singing

That's pretty much it feel free to ask questions :g_smile