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A serious issue!

I stole this from Hisfa :

Guys, if you want you can re-post this too...And I apologise in advance if anyone gets hurt by this...

These days I've been hearing alot that TheO is getting boring and it really saddens me that people are thinking like that...Sure, old members are not coming online much but the news members are really active...Its really not that the website itself is getting boring, its we who're making it boring by not posting anything! I post alot, so my days are going fine here. I even get more comments than I can reply to but there are some members who log in after a long time and complain that theO is boring, then thats not fair! They should explore the website...there are so many great worlds about music, stories, RPing and personal worlds too! And lets not forget the quizzes and fan comics! And fanart section just never sleeps...So, I think that we should not take TheO for granted and participate more, comment more and PM more too...

ANIME FUSION!?!? sumies at a con!~

GUYS!~ guess what? I'm going to Anime Fusion in Bloomigton, MN!!!!! Please meet me there if your attending. I'm cosplaying miku and I'm going with one of my BFFs Yuki Fodora, She's luka ^.^ http://www.theotaku.com/portfolio/yukifordara
I'll take lots of photos! Wish me luck
~ sumie
Oh and If anyone has con advice or questions, Id love some feedback in the comments ^.^

Yaoi Fangirls

Have you guys seen Sekai IchihatsukoI?
If you like it lets have a conversation