This is a world.
A world created by me and LB.
This world is about our OC's adventures in KHS.

Prolouge to "In the Nurse's Office"


Once upon a time, there was a ninja named Nami who decided that she would eat some dog food. She used her ninja skills to transform into Akamaru, so she would be fed. The dog food had an adverse reaction on her and she began to run wildly, flailing about and destroying the lunchroom, which made Choji very sad.

During Gym Class, she accidentally jumped over the school while pole vaulting. The twin teachers, Akira and akira Matsudaira were nearby in the gym storage closet, eating dango and ice cream with their imaginary friend, Paco. As the Guidance Counselors/ Drug Ed. teachers, they were informed of this tragic incident.
They then went on a journey to the Nurse’s Office to get some drug test sample supplies.


Upon entering the Nurse’s Office, they found it to be empty except for a box placed on the table. Akira ventured to look inside, despite the possibility that there was something either creepy or kinky inside of it. (Knowing Date) Once he opened the box, an octopus leaped out and clung to his face, over his eyes. Panicking, he ran around the room screaming, and smacked into Ai Date’s ample boobage, whom had just entered.
He then ricocheted off of the aforementioned ample boobage, knocking into his sister and falling onto Ai’s paralyzing needles.