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This world is about everything that is Cute/kawaii in Japan, That means fashion, (lolita) music, guys/girls but also ofcourse characters in anime's and manga's
i'll try to post as much as possible !

I really need people to help me post,
If you are intersted in japanese fashion and lolita and stuff and up to date about the things going on there then pls PM me, Hopefully we can come up with a solution together to make this world more populair

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Notes of love

Notes of love, Chapter 1.

Tik-tak, tik-tak, tik-tak.
The sound of the clock was getting pretty annoying. That was what i though.
It was all i thought. All i was trying to think about. The room i was in was painted a cold blue and the women behind the counter didn't make me feel any better. She looked at me like she could eat me. Like she hated me. I didn't really care. It is wat comes with the job. People either hate you or love you.
In my case it was different. I have blond hair and blue eyes, i'm not japanese.
But still, here i am trying to get a contract. Far, far away from my home country.
But i didn't miss it. Singing and music are all i need. I don't need a thing called love or family or friends for that matter. Just.. me and my music.

Finally the door opened and the director came out. He nodded at me, telling me to come back in. I was nervous as hell trying to look cool. So i casually stood up, took a step and trippled and fell on my face. So far the i'm-not-nervous-but-totally-cool part.

Maid costume!

Hii everybody !

First post 2day...
Can i remind everybody to read above and if possible SEND ME THAT PM!I Could really use some help.

Anyways, as you can read the title of this post is: Maid Costume.
Ofcourse everybody here knows about Maid cafe's in japan.
I myself however live in Holland ( reaaally boring) and here we have never
heard about anything close to a Maid Cafe, at least for as far as i know.

However.. A class mate from last year mentioned that his MOM made costumes for a maid cafe in Amsterdam?! i still haven't been able to find any information on that. Such a shame because it would be a great happening and a lot of people would visit it.

Ok so, we have done the maid cafe part, now for the Maid Costume part!
in every maid cafe the girls wear a maid costume, and i have to say... I love them ! <3 only if i want a decent one i need to order one from america.. i don't really trust that :P
But really.. they are so super cute. I think i'm gonna start up my own Maid Cafe just to be able to wear and visit a maid cafe in holland...

So i have thought about making an online maid cafe.. i know it sounds stupid, But it could be fun. If you are interested in working here, Then make up your story about your fictional character that is gonna work here and send it to me. It can be funny, weird, stupid anything you want.Just make sure it's so great, Anybody would hire you!

THAT bring me to my next topic: I want you to design a totally new look for my *fictional, i'm only 18* Maid cafe! if you are interested and up to it, pm me and i'll put your name down below to show everybody that your working on it.

Have fun ^^ ~