Support in Japans Fall!

So as you all know there was an 8.9 earthquake AND a tsunami on March 10, around 8-9 in the morning that struck Japan killing hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people! There for I'm putting aside time I'm putting into getting money for AX, all money will be going to "World Vision Canada"
Or instead of donating online you can also call 1-800-844-7993 !!

Anyways to help boost the money making, I'm opening the Pokemon give away!!
This is typically I will draw any Pokemon of your choice and mail it to you for $5!! Doesn't sound like a very pricing idea? Well what if I told you you can:

  • Have as many Pokemon in the print as you want!
  • The print can be as large as you like! ((Maximum:9x11, I can try and get larger))
  • Backgrounds in the print will only be 50 cents more, difficulty of the background will not matter in this case.


  • The more people who participate in this fundraiser I will start including a print AND selling stickers of the Pokemon you requested, WITH the print.

10 participants : I will starting sending out stickers of the Pokemon you requested, ALONG with the print you bought and still for only $5.

15 participants : I will start sending out stickers, the print, AND a phone strap of a an anime character of your choice!

and if we get

20 participates : I will start sending out stickers, the print you request, a phone strap of an anime character of your choice, AND I will also send you a 2nd print, smaller though ((6x4)), of your own OC as a chibi!

Please, Please, Please! It would do alot if every each one of you donated $5 to support people in need!

If you have anymore questions please email
[email protected]
[email protected]
-Text 1(818) 605-2422
-Visit my facebook for questions if you want I'm on like all the time you can ask me there!!/profile.php?id=100000129609720
- Or PM me at Deviantart or you can just PM me here on the Otaku!!

I'll be making a list of people who will be contributing to this event so I can keep track and I will edit it constantly for who ever joins.

I'm finished making a facebook group for the Pokemon give away as well!!
Facebook group:
Please Support!! Even just a little can help a ton!!
Thank you! <3