HIYA! As you can see this is my first post to this world! And I just wanted to say welcome to start off! So..... Welcome! I'm looking forward to posting a lot of cool stuff on here so look forward to it! Also this is still in progess and i willl trying to post on here when ever I get the chance. Feel free to poke around though if you want! Hope you like it!


Guess what?! I was just invited to 'The Lovely Ladies of MyOtaku'!!
I was told to post the banner so... her it is! x3

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Member of the Year Awards

Well, I'm not very sure if anyone ever really visits my world anymore but i thought I might as well make a post. Is this post going to be long and boring? And look like an eye sore to read? Well hopefully not but we will see!

Now lets get down to buisness! I just happened to notice that there is a "First Annual Member of the Year Awards" going on! And it seemed interesting at first so I read the information and what not's to understand it a little more. And when I checked the comment box I noticed there are some people who are worried about a drama arising if someone isn't nominated because the votes aren't anonymous. Well yes, it would be a very smart idea to have made everyone's votes hidden but I strongly believe that there wont be any drama or complaining for anyone to worry about!

Why do I think this? Well for one thing, I'm sure EVERYONE on here isn't really head over heels about being nominated on a website! If anyone out there does wish to be nominated for anything but is not, pleasedon't be so upset. I'm positive everyone on theOtaku appreciates your participation in what you do. And secondly, think of it this way, if you aren't nominated this year, look forward to next year! Everyone has plenty of chances to shine in the limelight, it just takes time! (:

Everyone here is so friendly and fair, I honestly do not think there is anything to worry about when it comes to voting. I think most of the voting is based on just pure opinion anyways and there's nothing you can really do about that!

Anyways, I just felt the need to write this entry because I thought I'd share my insight on the whole situation. If you disagree with what I think please feel free to shared your opinion and I'm sure we can agree to disagree.

Am Igoing to nominate someone? Well, answer to that is no... Why? Well truth is I would... buuuuttt I don't think I could choose out of so many people and I hate choosing. @[email protected] So no I will not be nominating. And if anyone starts going around asking people to nominate them. Please, don't do that. Leave the voting to themselves, and let's make this fair.

I hope I wasn't too confusing or an eye sore to read but if you've made it this far then thank you very very very much for reading ^_^

Good luck on voting!



Three Times the Charm

It started with a no

Then a yes,

You may not believe me…

But you really are the best.

At first, I thought you were just someone new

But who ever knew

That I'd fall in love with someone like you.

I may be blind

With the love you share

But, I really don't mind

Because I know you really care.

We tried once

We tried twice

I know it may seem stupid to others

But, to me

Three times the charm.

Am I right?

~ Love and by Monique

Support in Japans Fall!

So as you all know there was an 8.9 earthquake AND a tsunami on March 10, around 8-9 in the morning that struck Japan killing hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people! There for I'm putting aside time I'm putting into getting money for AX, all money will be going to "World Vision Canada" http://www.worldvision.ca/give-a-gift/Pages/EmergencyReliefWhereIt%27sNeededMost.aspx
Or instead of donating online you can also call 1-800-844-7993 !!

Anyways to help boost the money making, I'm opening the Pokemon give away!!
This is typically I will draw any Pokemon of your choice and mail it to you for $5!! Doesn't sound like a very pricing idea? Well what if I told you you can:

  • Have as many Pokemon in the print as you want!
  • The print can be as large as you like! ((Maximum:9x11, I can try and get larger))
  • Backgrounds in the print will only be 50 cents more, difficulty of the background will not matter in this case.


  • The more people who participate in this fundraiser I will start including a print AND selling stickers of the Pokemon you requested, WITH the print.

10 participants : I will starting sending out stickers of the Pokemon you requested, ALONG with the print you bought and still for only $5.

15 participants : I will start sending out stickers, the print, AND a phone strap of a an anime character of your choice!

and if we get

20 participates : I will start sending out stickers, the print you request, a phone strap of an anime character of your choice, AND I will also send you a 2nd print, smaller though ((6x4)), of your own OC as a chibi!

Please, Please, Please! It would do alot if every each one of you donated $5 to support people in need!

If you have anymore questions please email
[email protected]
[email protected]
-Text 1(818) 605-2422
-Visit my facebook for questions if you want I'm on like all the time you can ask me there! http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100000129609720
- Or PM me at Deviantart http://okitaru369.deviantart.com/ or you can just PM me here on the Otaku!!

I'll be making a list of people who will be contributing to this event so I can keep track and I will edit it constantly for who ever joins.

I'm finished making a facebook group for the Pokemon give away as well!!
Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_194986703865859
Please Support!! Even just a little can help a ton!!
Thank you! <3

Fruitcup Productions

Heyy guyss!! So I just wanted to tell all you people out there that I have made my official site!!
please please please take a look around!!!
http://www.wix.com/Fruitcup93/Fruitcup-ProductionsThe site will costantly be updated with new, recently made art, store merchandise is still not complete but ikuto bookmarks are being sold and commisions are now officially up!!
If you have questions or suggestions go to the home page. For news and importnts links go to "News".
And last but not least Thanks to all those people who are supporting me out there!! I really really appreciate it!! <33333

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Hiii guys!! Its Okitaru! Long time no see, huh?
Anyways I'm sorry i have updated anything recently.. I've just been so busy with school and everything... But I should be up and running as soon as possible. Also look forward to my online shop where you can buy my merchandise such as T-shirts, stickers, mugs, pins, and so on printed with my art, and for a little extra I will be taking requests to print you OC's on what ever you like. Anyways thats a lng way from now... I probably wont have the shop ready until next year D:... Well, thing is, I'll be posting some new art on the Otaku very soon!! Miss you guys!! <3

Oh ya.. and

P.S. Commisions are still up!! Please PM me or leave a comment in the box for requests, questions, and or more information.!

Love you all,
Karin~ <3