Price estimations:

Sketches without background - $3
Sketches with background - $4
Clean pictures (inked or hard-penciled) - $4-$5 depending on background.
Lined on the computer - $7-$8 depending on difficulty and background
Full color without background (CG, colored pencils) - $6-7
Full color with background - $8-$10 depending on difficulty of background.

If you wish to have it sent to you it will be on size 8x11 normal printer paper. Paper children are on cardstock.

These prices are for up to two characters. After that, it's $1.00 per extra character.
If you would like it mailed to you, you’ll have to pay the shipping (cause it can get so expensive!!)~

Any other style not listed here can be discussed with me~! (Examples: furries, realistic, etc…)


-I reserve the right to refuse to do any commission.

If you're interested in purchasing a commission from me, please send me a note with the following information:

-What type of commission you want, from the above list with prices.
-Who you want in the picture.
-Any kind of description of the picture you want.
-What size you want it, if you care at all.
-Coloring style (shading, colored, line art?)
-Any other important or unimportant details I may have forgotten.

How it will work:
You will send me the note (PM), I will write back to you, telling you whether I will do it or not and asking you about anything I need clarified. I'll give you my paypal address thing and wait for the payment. Once I receive the payment from you, I will note you again saying that I received it and that I will begin drawing your commission! If you want me to send it to you, give me the address you want it sent to. I'll make sure to put it between two pieces of cardboard or something so that it won't get creased or anything.

Please Please Please!!!
Send me a private message OR email me at [email protected]
And if you really need or want you can also call or text me for a commission at 1(818)605-2422
Feel free to ask if you have further questions.