What the-!

I started a new account yesterday and submitted a drawing, and guess what? It uploaded without a hitch. So clearly my problem of not being able to upload a damn thing is not, like, a network problem. Am I being blocked? Aren't they supposed to tell you if you're being blocked? And why? I've tried multiple times to get Adam to help me, but he won't respond. If anyone thinks they can contact Adam, please try to get him this message. This would be a huge favor, and you would be my best friend for life.

Adam, I don't know how I ought to be getting in touch with you, but clearly I'm doing it wrong because you haven't got back with me, which I really need you to do. I can't seem to get anything uploaded to TheO-every time I hit the share button, the screen goes blank. I've tried switching computers, switching operating systems, rebooting my computer. Nothing works, and I'm running out of ideas. It's really starting to be a problem, and I know that you're busy, but I would love it if you would help me out a bit here