A lot of people seem to have looked at this world before I even wrote anything on it, so I've finally been guilted into writing a post for it. Anyway, hi! My name is Nimbusoak (my Pottermore name-I couldn't think of anything else at the time), but you can also call me Yumie. It's sort of a pen name. I am a second generation geek, and I first discovered the weird world of manga and anime a few years ago and have not returned since. I love rock music to a frightening degree of worshipfulness, so I am probably going to quote a lot of songs for reasons that are just barely apparent. TIP: This is one of the best ways I know to irritate people. Something else you should know about me is that I come from a very large family. This is a key element to a lot of my stories. We'll be meeting my many siblings later.