Meet Ron

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Name: Ronylin Aye Takami (Ron for short)
Age: 15-18 over the course of time...
B-day: April 20th
Height:5'6" ish?
Weight: 130?
Hair: Light Brown, worn in a ponytail
Eyes: Emerald Green
Clothes: Typical female pirate attire. Loose blouse, corset, boots, ect.
Other Physical Characteristics: She has a dragon tattoo on her back, but I never draw it because I am not that skilled.... -____-
Flaws: Narcolepsy (she also drools when she sleeps sometimes), Anger issues, Unfriendly
Skills: Fighting
Personality: She's a mean person, she is controlling, and honestly doesn't really care much about anyone but herself. She gets what she wants, or else... Despite being my main OC, she is the villain.
Speaking Pattern: Flamboyant (Idk if that's the word I wanted...) She uses uncommon words, and talks with a riddle like pattern at times.
Themesong:Headstrong or I am all of me
~Color: Dark Red
~Activities: Sleep, Fighting, Giving Orders to Joe
~Holiday: Halloween
~Toothpaste: Vanilla

~Meona: Best Friend, usually the only person she treats with respect.
~Joe: She likes to pick on him, and is particularly cruel when giving him orders, but at the same time considers him a friend.
~George: Her pet Parrot.
~Luan: Slightly less than a friend
Occupation: Pirate Captain.
Weapons: Twin Katanas, and Single Barrel Pistol

Random other info:
~Ron was originally supposed to be me SURPRISE! That's why we have the same name... but she developed into a different person....
~Started out as the twin sister of Nino's OC Neomi, who I could not find a picture of.... :P Blame her.
~At one point she had a ghost haunting her named Rachel...

ANY QUESTIONS? Feel free to ask her! She may not answer, but someone else will let you know. :)