Welcome to my little world dedicated to each and every friend I have on here ^^
I had seen a few world dedicated to others friends, and finally decided to create my own.

Anyway, so like I mentioned before, this world is dedicated to my friends here, so the main goal of this world is to honour my friends.

If you would like to join, then just ask! I she no reason why you couldn't! I'm sure I do not have to post rules, I'm sure it's pretty obvious, be nice and post about your friends! (Or even a new member who need more subscribers or attention even!)

So I hope you enjoy my little world!


Sorry for being so inactive in this world! It turns out we have one moreproject to do! Haha seriously D: And my dad is thinking of putting me in summer school for math, I got 80's (Considered A's) and 1 or 2 78's and such...
But that doesn't matter! This world is about my friends! So I wan't you guys to pick as many freinds as you like and say 3 or more words that decribe them! GO!


I do not deserve a y of you, my wonderful, awesome, amazing friends!
I don't know what I would do without you guys D: