Imagine; walking down the aisle. Looking at the beautiful decorations that line the walls, wreaths of flowers on every surface, beautiful silk banners hanging from the polished silver rails. Looking at all the people sat in the pews, the serious faces all looking in the same direction, the fine clothes specially made for the occasion. Looking at the altar, perfectly crafted from mahogany, inlaid with what could easily be mistaken for gold and covered in a silk cloth which matched the banners. Looking at the thing your eyes have been avoiding all this time, looking dead ahead, walking closer, closer, hearing the shuffling of feet, the rustle of papers, the sniffing of noses. Looking down at the coffin, the face of that person you loved with all your heart. Observing that cold emotionless face, feeling your heart burn, looking for a second too long, just for the tiny glow of hope that you'll see another dimension to that beautiful face, that they might show a faint smile.
It's not right though. They never deserved this. It's like a curse.
Wanting to run away. Hide from the shadows, locking them away in a small, cold, damp basement where nobody would ever find them again.

But you can't.