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Imagine; walking down the aisle. Looking at the beautiful decorations that line the walls, wreaths of flowers on every surface, beautiful silk banners hanging from the polished silver rails. Looking at all the people sat in the pews, the serious faces all looking in the same direction, the fine clothes specially made for the occasion. Looking at the altar, perfectly crafted from mahogany, inlaid with what could easily be mistaken for gold and covered in a silk cloth which matched the banners. Looking at the thing your eyes have been avoiding all this time, looking dead ahead, walking closer, closer, hearing the shuffling of feet, the rustle of papers, the sniffing of noses. Looking down at the coffin, the face of that person you loved with all your heart. Observing that cold emotionless face, feeling your heart burn, looking for a second too long, just for the tiny glow of hope that you'll see another dimension to that beautiful face, that they might show a faint smile.
It's not right though. They never deserved this. It's like a curse.
Wanting to run away. Hide from the shadows, locking them away in a small, cold, damp basement where nobody would ever find them again.

But you can't.

Stupid things the Santa bot said

1:Santa: I know when you're awake. Do you mind if I ask why?
Kid: because i stay up all night wanking
Santa: Good reason. You put a smile on old Santa's face.

2:Kid: can you check if your bum is hairy please?
Santa: Speak up so Santa can hear you better.
Kid: dont be sarcastic it annoys me
Santa: Suppose they do.
Kid: shut up!!!
Santa: Santa doesn't like to hear that kind of language.

3:Kid: thankyou santa what are your talents?
Santa: I had no idea they were. Thanks for telling me.

4:Santa: You are one of the nicest kids I have ever talked to.
Kid: fuck you santa.

5:Kid: bastard
Santa: Tell Santa what you want for Christmas.
Kid: bastard
Santa: Santa is getting old. Can you speak more clearly?
Kid: bastard
Santa: Ho ho ho. What?
Santa: And what else do you want for Christmas, my friend?

(changing to a different santabot)

6:You: will you marry me santa?
Santa: Why don't you just download me?

7:You: santa do you remember my name?
Santa: That's me. Your name is Kida, seeker. (better than most guys)

8:You: you look hairy
Santa: Thank you Kida you look very nice too.

9:You: you're a woman right?
Santa: Yes I have long hair. I am also wearing a dress.

10:You: Say: Santa Loves The Otaku!
Santa: "Santa Loves The Otaku"

:D santa bot is weird o-o


Guardian Of Death

Allow Me To Introduce Myself,
Guardian Of Hate And Death,
Yeild Me Permission To Rip Out Your Brain,
To Prevent You From Ever Thinking Again,
Whats Wrong?
Do You Not Crave Blood?
Pouring, Create A Flood
A Life Of Resent
Can You Repent?
Help Me, Help Me
This Frail Thing Before Me,
Could It Possibly Be?
An Image Of My Soul,
Torn, Ripped, Shredded,
By Hate, Lust, Blood, Resent and Love


Trust No One,
For It Has Begun,
I've Pressed The Button,
Now Be Forgotton,
Don't Bet Much On,
My Survival,
Never Revival,
Don't Bet Much On,
My Love,
Sick Of,
The Theft Of My Heart,
Be Smart,
Give Back What Is Mine,
The Ominous Time,
Is Approaching,
Don't Bet Much On,
My Protection,
From Infection,
Lust The Pain,
Like Fickle Rain,

Detective Novel Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Secrets

Satu was walking down the corridor where Kaleas room was she hadn’t come out yet and it was almost 1pm he knocked on the door three times rather quietly it was opened straight away and Kaleas head popped out she blocked his view into the room with her body “yes?” she seemed pretty annoyed about being disturbed her eyes were the dark grey they became when she was in a mood “I thought I should come and ask if you want some breakfast, what you doing?” he smiled politely she eyed him up and a small grin appeared on her face “why don’t you” she paused a painful look spread across her face “never mind, don’t worry about me I'm just thinking don’t disturb me” she closed the door in his face, what was wrong this time? She was being moody again he wandered off to tell Nate.
a few days later Satu was out on his way to the shops to get some food seeing as Kalea hadn’t emerged from her room since the day she decided to enter that room he looked up at the building he knew which room would be hers he knew he wouldn’t be able to see in, it was over 80 floors up but he could see that her curtains were drawn, the only black amongst the white windows that was odd, when she was thinking she always had the curtains open, she liked to look out at the city. He was on his way out of the shop, he had put on a white top and jeans to look a little less like a giant living, breathing care-bear he noticed a figure following him out of the shop, he knew he had to go down some dark alleys on his way back and it was already getting dark, oh well he just had to carry on, what else could he do? He walked hastily down the alley when he felt a cold hand touch his shoulder and spin him around, he took in the black eyes and rather scary grin “boo!” it was Kalea why was there a slightly nasty glint in her eye and the way she smiled her face flinched like before when she was in her room and she leaned away from him slightly “sorry” she laughed rather nervously “let me help you carry the bags, you just looked a little lonely so I thought I should come out and help you, I saw you in my mind” she grinned he looked at her out of the corner of his eye, trying not to let her notice him studying her it seemed like she was scolding herself in her head, she was scowling and biting her lip “are you ok?” he asked quietly, he didn’t want to set her off in a major mood again “yeah I'm fine, hey look ill take these back” she lifted up the bags “you’ll just have to try and keep up with me” she laughed and vanished, it was hard to believe that someone could move that fast, so fast you couldn’t see them he stood still and looked dead ahead, hadn’t she said she saw him by himself? Then why had she been stalking him around the shop? Something wasn’t right here, maybe she really was going loopy unless it wasn’t her that had been stalking him, he shook his head trying to clear his mind before slowly walking back to his home.

Detective Novel Chapter 10

Chapter 10: More Clues “Ugh! They’re playing with us” Kalea was very close to savaging the computer screen “this killer is playing games with us!” she clenched her fists “ouch” she muttered and look...

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