Haruka Nanase -aka yuki
Makoto Tachibana-xAsukachanx
Nagisa Hazuki-Soulanime14
Rei Ryugazaki-Crimson-Rose
Rin Matsuoka-clueless101

Attention Free Members!

Soo i will be creating a room for all the Iwatobi Swim club members to join and we will just rp with our characters lets see how that goes XD im pretty excited anyways i would like to know when you guys might be free. In the room i will set a scenario and we can just play along one of the ones that was picked some time ago was "abandoned island" so i will be doing that.

Rin Matsuoka

*Looks over*

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I'm Rin Matsuoka. I am 17 years old and I am a second year student at Samezuka Academy.I swim Freestyle and Butterfly. I like to swim and my goal is to become an Olympic swimmer.

Nagisa Hazuki

Hi Everyone! *waves happily*

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I'm Nagisa Hazuki! I have a girls name but so does Haru-chan, Rei-chan, Mako-chan, and Rin-chan! I'm also a first year student to like Gou!

I'm in the Swim Club too! I'm the Breaststroke swimmer! I really want to swim relay with everyone again! It's so much fun!!

I also really li- Ehh? Ah stop it Haru-chan you can't strip here! *runs after Mako-chan*


Ok well I'll wait for the other to post but for now we most move on I will set a scenario

And you guys will rp for a bit also ill be opening a chat room soon where we will be able to rp

You guys can choose from any of this scenarios and once I have enough votes ill post a notice

-lunch break
-study break
And you guys can pitch in idea anybody can not just members

Makoto Tachibana

Ah, Ohayo (^^)

I'm Makoto Tachibana, 17 years old. I'm a second year student and I'm in the same class as Haru.

I'm also the captain of the Iwatobi Swim Club.

I really like swimming with all four of us, because it feels like we can go anywhere. I don't really like dark places or the ocean a lot. ヘ(>_<ヘ)

I swim Backstroke... Ahhh Haru's taking off his clothes again!! O_o Nagisa we gotta stop him! *runs off to stop Haru*