Ugh, i'm so angry

So I got up this morning thinking thinking that I'd do some laundry. Well, I walk back to the laundry room and the floor is all wet. not flooded, just wet. the cold water hose had a drip. I'm a competent person and changed the hose, although it was a headache. the old hoses had to be ancient and it took forever to loosen and remove them. This isn't what made me angry. I actually kind of like doing things like that.

In amongst my "labor" I get text messages this morning from Blair. I don't know as I've ever had a person in my life I've loved and loathed so much at the same time. I never hated Jordan with the avarice that I have for Blair. My morning starts with a 9AM text: I may have to start selling drugs. I need more money. My only reply is "sorry." I even got a pay raise and it's not helping. I am going to start Christmas shopping ASAP. What the fuck are you whining about? That you have to spend a few hundred less on Christmas than you thought? Blair, we've already had this conversation. You are not eating ramen and skipping the electric to make sure the house pmnt gets made. You know who is? ME you stupid selfish bitch. shut your fucking pie hole and be grateful that you aren't worried about turning on the heater or that you aren't worried that you won't eat for a few day so you can buy your baby formula. I'm so angry. I want to shake her and yell at her.ugh