Rain and Pasta

It’s been a while since I blogged. It feels good to be back though :P
Its currently raining in India and from my balcony all I can feel is complete peace on this blessed Sunday morning. The pleasant and moist air around just emphasizes the hot Pasta I get to eat, further more the background Yiruma Piano music just adds the enchantment around.
Its on Days like these that my memory is let loose and I let it flow right back. Sitting on this warm chair, I recall last week, I remember Yuuki, a baby bird I rescued and later set free, Yuuki taught me a very valuable lesson. Even though life may make you physically incapable of what your true potential is, if your spirit has the power nothing in this world can stop you. I still remember how I urged Yuuki to rest, to eat and then later try out flying, I knew she was too little to fly. I am now happy that Yuuki didn’t believe me, but instead believed in herself.
Another memory comes to my mind, a sweet memory, perhaps the last good memory I shared with my best friends before we parted. Its been 4 long years since I last saw them, although we talk over the phone, things are so different when you can talk to someone while looking into their eyes. After the split, a lot of misunderstandings took place and the trust that was once in full bloom has how completely withered away. I wonder if this rain is making them about the past too? I miss the time when all shared our sorrows and joys like we were one heart. I remember the memory of the school festival, it was then I realized why people adore and crave for friendship.
The rain is a mystical phenomena, it has the power to instantly stir hearts mend souls, make coffee and pasta sound amazing, and lol also make movie directors create the best of scenes X) think about it. And if its raining where you are, then just do the same as me, enjoy, feel, and remember. For each drop that falls carries magic that will let you relive your life.

photo by shine moonlight