I'm Back

Wow, I haven't posted here in a long ass time.

Just got back from a vacation with my family to Hong Kong and several other countries. I had a great time and lots of fun going abroad. I'm so happy that I had a chance to saw different cultures, languages, foods, and beautiful places. X3

So, this was my first time to went to Disneyland and for the experience, I paid the HK$350 ticket to see for myself. I must say, the rides are very few and pretty lame. It was too hot and the lines were too long. I was tired, the lower part of my body hurt and I was hungry and thirsty all at the same time... But, somehow I enjoyed it.

I've been feeling pretty good lately, but for some reason I've been unbelievably lazy and unmotivated. All I want to do is eat and sleep.
As for what I did today, I did nothing other than eat, sleep, and breathe..,
....oh, I watched TV too.

Oh dear holiday, please last longer so I can enjoy my life more. I'm not ready for school.
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