Saturday School

I don't believe it, I have school on Saturday!!
So, I started schooling on Saturday yesterday. Seriously, school has been ruining my day, now it tries to ruin my weekend too. My teachers decided to give all the students extra preparations for the national exams. -___-
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So, I'm 17 and I'm in my last year of high school. I have to prepare for the college, national exams, and everything. I won't be here so often.. Um no, I'll be here almost everyday but I won't be submitting artwork (I'm soooo soooooorry). I won't have much free time until next year, but as soon as I get my holiday there will be much time to make art again. =D

Just want to let you all know ^^,

There's that one teacher...

Hey everyone, I'm still alive!!
I'm sorry haven't been submitting or posting anything lately, I didn't have much chance to touch my computer. I think I'm going to take short hiatus. I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night, when I woke up I felt my eyes and every muscle in my body really hurt, so I plan on getting enough sleep tonight.

Ok, see I have this grumpy, childish, mean, and moody English teacher at school. I dislike hate the way she teaches us, she's not supposed to be a teacher. I seriously wanted to slap her yesterday. She ordered the class to get into the squatting position like a chicken for one hour because we hadn't prepared our English drama. The thing is, she had never told us about performing the drama, she just asked us to make a script and hand it in to her.

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And... I should be doing my geometry homework. But my teacher decided that he didn't need to explain it. He expect me to do my homework now…? I know I'm.. going to fail math.
Well, excuse me while I go and procrastinate on finishing it.

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Bye bye Holiday T.T

Tomorrow I have to go to school, after this long holiday (I got 2 months holiday after the national exam...XD but it's already over) I have graduated from my junior high school..
Still this is horrible I can't visit theO more often.. I HATE this!!
O_o Nooo.. I don't want to meet my math teacher again, and my 'grazy' physics teacher DX

I hope I'll make new great friends^^
Aaaa.. I'll meet tons of annoying people at school who think that they're the most beautiful girl in the world... Haaaahh...
I remember when I was in Junior High 'they' wore giant gift ribbons (not actually a gift ribbon but it looks like it) on their heads and make them look like a present from Santa, can you imagine it? They proud of their idiotic appearance, that they think with those ribbons make them more pretty.. maybe they think they look like a girl in shoujo manga...?? Once I saw one of them wore 4 big colorful Mini Mouse ribbons during the class.. and, ah.. okay...
Oh please, school is a place to study not to dress up!!

(I'm sorry for that, I know that's my personal problem)

I'll suffer again from now on
Bye bye friends!! T_T