Hello guys, I just woke up and had a weird dream but it felt so real.

I was having a trip with my family. We went by something like a railway-carriage. I then saw a giant spider on my friend’s T-shirt (yeah, all of a sudden my friend appeared in the carriage), but she didn’t seem to notice it. After that we were crossing a bridge when suddenly I could see the railway line broke off ahead and the bridge fell down. I tried to stop the carriage but the carriage moved by itself. I told my family about it but no one seemed to care, no one listened to me. I was desperate, hopeless, sure that we all would die soon. And yes, in my dream the carriage did fall down and I felt this kind of sensation when you’re on a roller coaster.. I could feel I was falling down like it was real. I thought I was really dead. Seriously, it was quite terrifying .__.

Oh well, I know dreams don’t mean anything. They’re just dreams but I feel like sharing it now. XD
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Anyway, I’m feeling so free because this semester is over. I’ve finished my finals a week ago or so. I just got my report today and everything is going well so far. Now I don't feel like doing anything.

I’m going to the beach next week and celebrate Christmas there. It’s been so long since the last time I went there (the last time was when I was 7 years old). I’m afraid I might forget how salty the taste of sea water is, lol. XD Oh, just to let you know that there is no winter in my country. *sigh* It might seem a little strange to go to the beach during the winter.

I'm Back

Wow, I haven't posted here in a long ass time.

Just got back from a vacation with my family to Hong Kong and several other countries. I had a great time and lots of fun going abroad. I'm so happy that I had a chance to saw different cultures, languages, foods, and beautiful places. X3

So, this was my first time to went to Disneyland and for the experience, I paid the HK$350 ticket to see for myself. I must say, the rides are very few and pretty lame. It was too hot and the lines were too long. I was tired, the lower part of my body hurt and I was hungry and thirsty all at the same time... But, somehow I enjoyed it.

I've been feeling pretty good lately, but for some reason I've been unbelievably lazy and unmotivated. All I want to do is eat and sleep.
As for what I did today, I did nothing other than eat, sleep, and breathe..,
....oh, I watched TV too.

Oh dear holiday, please last longer so I can enjoy my life more. I'm not ready for school.
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I'm So Happy (wallpaper dedications)

I'm so unusually happy and hyper for some reason. I've been reading poems, novels, and listening to music all day today. No homework, no exams, I'm feeling so free. ^O^

Btw, two people just dedicated me beautiful wallpapers <3
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Aren't they beautiful?? =D

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And today I'm featuring Sakuracherry in my world.
She's one of the best artists I've ever seen here, but not well-known enough. She has awesome work and I think she deserves more subscribers.

Here are some of her artwork:

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Bye friends..

Happy Holiday all!! I won't be able to visit theO for the next 6 days. I'll have a trip to the mountain area with my big family, and I can't go online unless there is internet connection.

Yeah... just want to tell that XD

Bye bye Holiday T.T

Tomorrow I have to go to school, after this long holiday (I got 2 months holiday after the national exam...XD but it's already over) I have graduated from my junior high school..
Still this is horrible I can't visit theO more often.. I HATE this!!
O_o Nooo.. I don't want to meet my math teacher again, and my 'grazy' physics teacher DX

I hope I'll make new great friends^^
Aaaa.. I'll meet tons of annoying people at school who think that they're the most beautiful girl in the world... Haaaahh...
I remember when I was in Junior High 'they' wore giant gift ribbons (not actually a gift ribbon but it looks like it) on their heads and make them look like a present from Santa, can you imagine it? They proud of their idiotic appearance, that they think with those ribbons make them more pretty.. maybe they think they look like a girl in shoujo manga...?? Once I saw one of them wore 4 big colorful Mini Mouse ribbons during the class.. and, ah.. okay...
Oh please, school is a place to study not to dress up!!

(I'm sorry for that, I know that's my personal problem)

I'll suffer again from now on
Bye bye friends!! T_T