I'm So Happy (wallpaper dedications)

I'm so unusually happy and hyper for some reason. I've been reading poems, novels, and listening to music all day today. No homework, no exams, I'm feeling so free. ^O^

Btw, two people just dedicated me beautiful wallpapers <3
External Image

External Image

Aren't they beautiful?? =D

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And today I'm featuring Sakuracherry in my world.
She's one of the best artists I've ever seen here, but not well-known enough. She has awesome work and I think she deserves more subscribers.

Here are some of her artwork:

External Image External Image External Image External Image

External Image External Image External Image

My Challenge Winners!

Guys, I almost forgot to judge my challenge XD
It's hard to decide only 3 winners, I want to make at least 5 winners, but theO won't allow me. Anyway, congratulations for winning my contest, TokyoHaru, Ritona Raito, and Timcanpy14 <3

External Image
Oh, I love it, everything is perfect, the typography, colors and picture.

External Image
Just as I expected from the great Ritona Raito, I adore her typography. The scan is so fashionable and catchy.

External Image
Hm.. winter is my favorite season. This card is just beautiful <3

So.. thank you for all the great entries in my challenge! Love you guys!

I've decided to give prizes for the winners,
First: Wallpaper or card
Second: Card
Third: Err.. a gift!

Hohoho!! I know I'm lack of generosity XP