Update! =D

Hii!! How are you guys?!! I'm good, everything's good and I hope you're all fine. :)

I haven't been around so much lately and haven't been updating much. I'm on a break from school right now so I think I can manage my time to make more art, especially iPhone wallpapers because I've only made two so far.

Umm, my best friend is having her birthday party next week on Wednesday. I and my friends are planning on making a scrapbook for her birthday. We also bought her a purse and a birthday cake today. I hope she will be very happy with those presents.

So, I can't wait for the Hunger Games. Nine more days to go!!
For all who have read the books, have you checked the cast? Well, just want to say this, the one who played Cato is really really handsome, CLICK. I mean, he's not the Cato that I was trying to imagine, he's too handsome and I don't see any sign of brutality in his face. Seriously, I thought Cato was an ugly brute and big, like BIG.

Well, I've seen him playing "Race To The Witch Mountain" and "The Seeker" before, but that time he was only a kid and I was too young to realize that he's so good looking. <3333