Farmville, Guess what I look like! XD

Who plays farmville on facebook?
Well, I'm just asking because it seems that this game is so popular. I used to play this game, then I got bored, finally I stopped playing. But everyday, people keep sending me farmville invitations and gifts. XD

And I saw this post from says it all: “Today, my husband and I were having sex, and just as I was about to finish he screamed, “Oh shit! It's 4:15, my strawberries are gonna whither!!!!” and then jumped off me and went to check on his farm on FarmVille. An imaginary farm, on Facebook. FML”


I stole this from Asu, Rito, and Miku, because it's fun!!
So, for those of you who don't know what I look like, what do you think I look like? And, even if people who DO know what I look like had an idea before they saw my picture, you can share that, too.

Btw, read this and tell me what you think. Also, I think this member is probably already banned by now.

Has anyone seen Insidious?

Guys, I just watched the movie INSIDIOUS in my cousin's home theater and it was quite scary, just like paranormal activity, it started slowly and pretty frightening.. and I have never been scared from a movie like this before. It was a good film I guess and I highly recommend it. A few bits that scare you but overall a great film. Anyone else seen it? Any thoughts?

I tried... to make icons.... again ^^;

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Just a post...


Lol, I know my challenge is hard and complicated. Next time, I'll make the easier one. I'm still happy with it though I got only a few entries, they're so amazing. *3*

Do you guys know I wonder where they got the original images of this cute girls avatar? I'd love to make that kind of avatars. <3

Show her some LOVE

Check f(x) HOT SUMMER MV!! :)

No Winter Here :(

Thank you for your comments on my post last time. I love you all <3

I just finished my exams today. I went ice skating with my friends for the first time and it is definitely the hardest thing I've ever attempted. I could barely stand. LOL. I wish there were winter in my country. I have never seen snow, lake or river frozen in real life ;_____; I wish I could go sledding, ice skating, and make snowballs, and throw them anywhere I wanted. Then we could have a snow fight with snowballs and make a snowman and have lots of fun together. I wish it could snow every day! Oh, I think winter is the best! I want to built the biggest snowman in the world >D

You may say winter is not always fun and winter may not seem like the most romantic of seasons. But c'mon, I'm the girl who has never seen snow in her life.

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Ah.. I wish I were in NARNIA XD

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