I'm going on a spiritual retreat tomorrow.

Well.. that's all I wanna say. XD I won't be here until Friday.
Hopefully, I can find peace there.

(-^ ^-)b

How are you, everyone? I'm feeling quite good here, since it's almost weekend. XD Yesterday, I went to my friend's 17th birthday party, it was a quite big party, over 100 people came. I had a lot of fun there and ate lots of food. Oh, and I wore high heels!! I have always loved seeing people wearing high heels but I never used it (the very high one) until yesterday. And although my feet started to hurt within two hours, I love my new heels. X3

Btw, my cupcake is back!!!! External Image *dances around*

Just made a new wallpaper External Image
I'm so glad people like it. I appreciate your comments, guys. :D

...If you haven't known,
I've been busy: busy with homework, busy with class work, busy with preparing for exams, busy failing exams as well. Sorry if I haven't been commenting much lately. The problem is: I opted for Science though I (kinda) dislike it. Everyday I'm learning trigonometry like crazy. I want to be a designer and trigonometry has nothing to do with designing. D:
Well, I'm planning on moving to social class, but the teachers don't allow me. ಥ_ಥ

The Hunger Games Trilogy <3

Goodbye my dear cupcake External Image ;_______;
I'll miss you more than you'll ever know.

I just read the first book of 'The Hunger Games' and wow… I love it so much. The movie is coming out soon.

External Image

If you're interested, here's a summary for you.

In this story, there's no United States, because the continent of North America is now called Panem. This country is run by a President from the Capitol. The rest of the country is divided up into 12 areas called districts. Every year for entertainment, the Capitol hosts The Hunger Games: a bloody fight to the death that is televised and mandatory to watch. Two tributes (one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18) from each district are selected and forced to enter the arena in a battle for their lives. The twenty-four tributes must fight to death. The last tribute standing wins.

Sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen regards it as a death sentence when she hears her sister gets picked to be a tribute. Katniss takes her place in the games to save her sister's life.

Thank you!!

External Image

How are you guys?! Thank you to everyone who has wished me happy birthday, for all your birthday gifts and dedications! I got a lot of gifts. <3 (Oh I'm super late) External Image

I'm gonna celebrate my birthday this Saturday, together with my brother. It's supposed to be celebrated earlier but I got lots of exams.

One day before my birthday, August 15th, was the worst day in my life. First, I came late to school and I forgot to do my homework, my teacher was mad at me so she gave me extra homework. During break time, I fell down the school stairs and people laugh at me. When I got home, I left my book in class so I had to get back and took it.

On my birthday, I felt like nothing special about it, I don't know why. My friends gave me a surprise, they bought me a cake External Image. They sang for me, they asked me to make a wish, we ate the cake together... Just like that. I was very happy I almost cried, but I felt something was missing. :s

Thanks for your dedications, you really made my day. <3

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PM is Borked!

Oh well, someone just dedicated something to me but I can't even open it, when I clicked that PM, they said:

"A database error has occured with the following application: Description of the error associated with the script: An error occured while executing a query. The database error occured on: Sunday 17th 2011f July 2011 05:18:39 PM The url of the reported page http://theotaku.com/backroom/dashboard/messaging/read.....".

And... I foolishly deleted that PM. D:
So, who just dedicated me something?? I wanna check! =D