Only a few hours more ... XD

My holiday is almost over T_T
It's now only a few hours more until the blessed new year, I can't believe this year went by so fast. God bless you all through out the new year. Let's start this year with a new beginning XD
Gah... I know that sounds lame

I'm having a BBQ right now, with my family.
I'm glad that Kuroshitsuji will be shown in January 2011 on ANIMAX! I can't wait to see it, I haven't watched the anime at all.
I'm currently playing 'Harvest Moon Sunshine Island' and have no idea how to get more sun stones to raise the lost islands.

Bye friends..

Happy Holiday all!! I won't be able to visit theO for the next 6 days. I'll have a trip to the mountain area with my big family, and I can't go online unless there is internet connection.

Yeah... just want to tell that XD

10th December..


I'm so boreeed!!! My life is boring, nothing seems to happen in my life... -_-

I've just finished my exams, 2 weeks 1 day full of exams. That's a real torture!! I could only do 10 numbers from 30 for the math exam NO, I don't want to see my score X[

Anyway.. school holiday's coming, starting now until FOREVAH!!(I hope)
I'll celebrate Christmas with my friends on the 15th December, this Wednesday. Well.. I've never found Christmas Day is great, nothing special happened on Christmas, although it's a special day.

List of things I want to do :
✔ Watch the 3rd Narnia
✔ Go to my friend's birthday party
✔ Sleep...
✔ Sleep..,
✔ Sleep.,



-err.. sorry for the title-

Wooh.. it's been a while since my last post.. well.. it's always 'been a while' coz I rarely post here XD

Yesterday I had a chemistry exam, about the periodic table. It was really hard, I'd studied so hard but still I couldn't do the exam.. This is bad..

And now! About my last camp, it's a scout camp.
It was the first and the worst camp ever, smelly and dirty! The first day, I went by truck to the location.. gowd! We weren't allowed to use the big tent because the seniors wanted to use it. I could smell the burning plastic every time I came near the tent. The tent made by plastic and because it was so hot that day, it's nearly burned!! We had to cook by ourselves, well.. that's kinda great! Cooking meal together with friends should be fun but it was like disaster, there's no water to clean dirty dishes.
At around 5 p.m, it started drizzling. I could feel mild for the first 5 minutes, but then it continued with heavy rain and the tent collapsed. My sleeping bag, shoes, clothes, and myself were soaking wet. I found frogs jumping every where, not only frogs, there were cockroaches and other insects floating in the puddle. I tried hard to move my stuffs to dry place, guess where....?! In the toilet room!
How could I sleep in this condition DX

The next day went worse...

I'll go camping XD

Go camping... time to relax.. but I hate it!

I will actually live outside, without electricity and I don't like it, I prefer to sleep in my bedroom.. Zzzz
Well.. I didn't even think of going to the bathroom tomorrow, there is no bathroom! It's dirty, smelly, and very inconvenient. There is no AC.., I can live without AC but I will feel like in a sauna! DX

I hate it, but I have to go because my school forced me, maybe it'll be the memorable experiences ever, sitting around a campfire, singing, and listening to the sounds of the night.. that's just woow!!

So.. friends, for the next 3 days I won't be here, I can't bring my laptop there XD

Gotta go.. bye...