Hi :)

Hi *waves nervously*

I was planning on being really active this summer - working a lot, being really active online - but that didn't happen due to my home internet decided to go from tolerably bad to nonexistent!! I am possibly the only person who gets more active and stuff once the education starts ^^;

Other than arguing with my internet, my summer hasn't been all that interesting, trying to keep up the hard work I had been doing in the beginning of the year but with no internet I couldn't really do as much and my health decided to take advantage and also scarper DX but I have been drawing, just at a slower rate annoyingly - but I will make up for that noW! :D :D


- Emergency contacts -

I don't think theO will go down or anything and this will always be the easiest place to get in contact with me, as this place is the only place that my home internet (when it gets it act together work) seems to let me comment and send messages but here are some of my other online homes;

I use the same name for everywhere and that it’s already in the top bit of the world – I thought it could be useful.

Facebook (If you want to get my personal FB – PM me)
Uni blog on wordpress
I have a youtube but I don’t really do much on that for now. My dA is the second easiest place to contact me all year round – because that’s the only other place my internet vaguely lets me go on.

I think that’s all for now, I’ll add more if I join or remember more of them ^^;

I will now proced to start posting things :D