a B and HELP!!!!!!

I got the results of my GCSE English re-sits and I got a B which is good.

Tomorrow I have a math’s exam and I am studying so hard, but it doesn't seem to be getting easier.
There is such a massive jump between GCSE math’s and A-level! I was told that there was going to be a little jump between the both of them, but, I expected it to be like jumping up 3 steps on a staircase but it just feels like I'm trying to jump from right at the bottom to the very top of a very large staircase! And I'm finding it all very difficult and I got an A in my GCSE!

Coordinate Geometry, I find okay
Surds, seem easy but I'm finding it difficult
Tangent and Normal, I'm okay, but as long as I use the correct formula in the right place,
Roots of a quadratic and completing the square, real hard
Inequalities, okay I guess
Differentiation . . . .
Binomial Theorem, beginning to get my head around it
Polynomials . . .
Transformation of Graphs, not sure
Stationary Points, erm....

So if I have any math’s geniuses, watching me, I would really appreciate your help!

But on a brighter note, if I do fall flat on my face I always have a chance of resetting it in May! :)