Team Building

Hi! today was my second day at collage, and we had to go to a holiday park type thing to learn about teamwork and get to know the other students, but I haven’t learnt anything new about teamwork and I only met 2 new people, both boys one called Mike and the other was called Mickey. All the activities we did were manly kids games. I also had a drink that was a mix between a mike shake and a slush puppy and it was quite nice, I also managed to “win” a small stuffed dog for a friend because she was rather annoyed about not getting the one she wanted, and then for the rest of the day I was paranoid that someone was after me! He he! And now my back really really hurts badly, and so do my legs but that’s mainly because massive garden chair was blown into me and I nearly fell into a hedge

Well yesterday, was my first day, It’s much quieter than I expected it to be but it’s nice and up to now everyone seems very nice! But we didn’t do much yesterday, it was just Showing us around, but I’m sure my collage stairs are like the corridors in Hogwarts I because they change every time I try and find a room it looks like it’s moved! My schools have always been surrounded by sheep in fields, but when I was on my way down to catch my bus home (which passes by my friend’s house I which is handy, and it’s not that crowded) when I saw this:

Sheep actually on the collage grounds!

I’ve just heard that a boy that I really liked in school (and still do to be onest) has been involved in serious accident and is in intensive care after being hit by a car. I hope he has a speedy recovery, I really do.