I was up a mountin . . .

. . . witha fellow manga and anime fan, which is considerablly better than beeing up a creak with out a paddle!
Yesterday I was up at my cousins house (and they happen to live up a mountin) for my gran's 70th birthday party. We had a big BBQ outside and we had her fave band prefform for a bit (John and Alun) and it was ok but there was a bit to many people for me to handle, I can't cope well when there is a lot of people in a small place, so I tried to do my usual trick of hideing in a small corner away from everyone but my uncle (Alun, not the same one) made me go down stairs again! So I just talked to my cousin (a diffrent one, Iwan) who also likes manga and anime.
Though by the time Iwan left arround 7:30 I had managed to find some alchahol and I know, I know I'm to young but it was one bottle and I'm responsible and it's only once or twice a year and usually by the time I've found something I like, most of my family are already pissed and are giveing me stuff to try, I tried this carrot larger(which is absallutely VILE) and a cider thing, but my uncle Aluns girlfriend (Karen) doughter was looking at me thinking 'why are they giving someone whose 13 alcahol' when in fact I'm only 2 years younger than she was and she was rather orange (he he).
I bega to enjoy it a lot more when there was less people there, oh and I had to run arround a field chaseing some children who were (annoying) trying to catch chickens! and we had a faild attempt at making chinese latterns, but the first one wouldn't lift off and then the second one did lift off (Alun was very happy) until it had gotten cought in some telephone wire, I was on the floor laughing my head off!

Here is a photo from my cousins (Caryl) bedroom: