Character meme~

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I want to make a story up, and I have got some ideas but I’m a lazy sod, and I mainly like putting in situations! He he! Oh and I’m the one in the ()


Rules: 1) Choose 5 of your OCs
2) Make your OCs answer these questions.
3) Tag 5 other people.
4) Add one question of your own.

1) Do you want a hug?
Ozzy: Really?? Th. .Thank you! oo
Hazel: *giggle*
Ollie: Really? And I was beginning to think you where embarrassed of me?
Sabrina: thank you! :)
Dewey: Yay!!

2) Are you a virgin?
Ozzy: Yes
Hazel: *nods*
Ollie: eh. . . . . do I have to answer this in front of my little brother?
Sabrina: ye. . . yeah, why are asking such personal questions? (I’m just reading the questions, I didn’t write them!)
Dewey: I’m not legal yet!

3) Do you have any kids?
Ozzy: Judging by the fact that I’m still a virgin, you can probably work out the answer,
Hazel: No, I want to wait until I’m slightly older.
Ollie: Not that I know off!
Sabrina: Not yet but I would like to have some.
Dewey: No, I still look like a small child!

4) Have you killed anyone?
Ozzy: No I’m a pacifist, but if Justin Bieber keeps realising records I might just change my mind!
Hazel: No, never! I wouldn’t dare do it!
Ollie: Nope!
Sabrina: *shakes head* no
Dewey: Only with cuteness!

5) Do you hate anyone?
Ozzy: Justin Bieber
Hazel: other than two or three people at school, there aren’t many people I dislike
Ollie: Come to think of it there’s quite a few on my hate list!
Sabrina: well . . . there are these girls at my school!
Dewey: No one really

6) Love anyone?
Ozzy: ye . . . . oo
Hazel: No one has caught my eyes yet, but I’m looking!
Ollie: Single at the moment, so laddies??
Sabrina: it’s Jordy . .. *blushes and giggles*
Dewey: Jackie, Ozzy’s little sister, she’s cute!

7) Do they love you back?
Ozzy: I don’t know, haven’t asked yet
Hazel: Like a secret admirer?
Ollie: do you really want my answer?
Sabrina: I haven’t got the confidence to ask
Dewey: Yeah, I think so, she is my girlfriend

8) What is your job?
Ozzy: Student, but I do go round cafés and clubs singing and playing the guitar
Hazel: I’m a student and I help out at my step-mothers dance classes, and I’ve somehow been convinced to work part time at a maid café
Ollie: I’m a student, though I waiter at a café.
Sabrina: Student and I have a part time job at a maid café.
Dewey: Student, but I work part time at a book shop.

9) Any special powers?
Ozzy: Other than highly intelligent, no
Hazel: Same Ozzy
Ollie: Nada
Sabrina: None
Dewey: Same as Ozzy and Hazel
(When I do put them in situations with magic, Ozzy, Ollie, Sabrina and Dewey would be with magic and Hazel would be a fairy)

10) Favourite season?
Ozzy: I like summer and winter
Hazel: I like the autumn; I can then walk through the fallen leaves and eat toffee apples
Ollie: Summer, a chance to make new friends with the visitors
Sabrina: The Spring, I’m able to see all the young animals and the flowers begin to bloom
Dewey: Winter because of Christmas, but summer is also nice!

11) Whose your best friend?
Ozzy: Mike, Hazel’s twin brother, and this group
Hazel: Well I’m really good friends with these guys but my best friend is Sabrina
Ollie: These guys and a real cool guy called Maone,
Sabrina: Hazel. . . . Oh and these guys of course
Dewey: I’m pretty good friends with these guys, and Jackie, but I don’t have many friends . . . .

12) Hobbies?
Ozzy: Reading and playing the guitar
Hazel: Reading and Dancing
Ollie: Listening to music and running
Sabrina: Making accessories and decorating stuff
Dewey: Making films and playing video games

13) What are you going to do when this tag is over?
Ozzy: Well my aunt wants me to help her and then probably then spend time with my little sister
Hazel: Going out for dinner, it’s my big sisters birthday!
Ollie: Playing video games with my little bro
Sabrina: Jordy’s going to teach me how to cook, without blowing anything up
Dewey: Playing video games with Ollie

14) What is your eye colour?
Ozzy: Sky Blue
Hazel: Chocolate Brown
Ollie: Emerald Green
Sabrina: Sapphire Blue
Dewey: Emerald Green

15) Are you good? Or bad?
Ozzy: A good boy, as always
Hazel: Good
Ollie: I can be whatever you want me to be
Sabrina: I’m a good girl *giggles*
Dewey: I’m as good as gold!

16) What is your greatest fear?
Ozzy: Letting my family down oh and turkeys
Hazel: Heights
Ollie: Letting my little brother down . . . . again, also I have a joint fear of turkeys with Ozzy!
Sabrina: Water
Dewey: Those kids who attacked me years ago

17) What do you think of your parents?
Ozzy: They were truly extraordinary, it’s just a shame a they are gone. My aunt Xanthe is truly lovely and I care for her loads!
Hazel: My daddy is wonderful and full of energy and I get along well with my step mother
Ollie: She was a wonderful mother, and mine and Dewey’s father is someone to be looked up to.
Sabrina: I didn’t get along with my real family but I really love and respect Rupert who’s my foster father
Dewey: I can’t remember my mom and my daddy is really cool!

18) Any siblings?
Ozzy: I have a cousin, name Lily, who’s like a sister to me and my actual little sister, Jackie.
Hazel: I have an older half-sister, Louise and my twin brother, Mike and another brother or sister on it’s way!
Ollie: There’s my adorable little bro, Dewey, and a cousin, Jordy who’s very close to us
Sabrina: From my actual family, I have 2 older brothers and 1 older sister and I think there is another one but I’m not sure. From my foster family I have a foster sister called Jessie!
Dewey: My insane big bro, cousin, Jordy, and Ellenor’s like a big sister to me! (awww thank you !)

19) Was it fun to answer all these questions?
Ozzy: hmmm. . . yes
Hazel: It was interesting
Ollie: At times it was random, so that’s a big fat yes! *grins like and idiot*
Sabrina: yup!
Dewey: YES!

20) How do you feel about your creator?
Ozzy: She’s random at the best of times, it’s fun to be with her! (oo)
Hazel: She’s really nice!
Ollie: She’s real small and dinky and it’s really easy to pick up! (oh be quiet!)
Sabrina: I like her
Dewey: I want her to be my big sister! (and I want to be your big sister)

21) Do you have any weaknesses?
Ozzy: Lack of confidence
Hazel: I . . .I don’t want to say! (It’s ok)
Ollie: erm . . . duno
Sabrina: My lack of confidence
Dewey: My lack confidence

22) If you could have one wish...?
Ozzy: . . . . . I couldn’t say, sorry
Hazel: For my Brother to get better
Ollie: For mom to come back, dad gets lonely often!
Sabrina: I would wish for Rupert and Jessie were my actual family and that my real family would just leave me alone!
Dewey: the same answer as Ollie

23) Your favourite element?
Ozzy: Fire, it matches my hair!
Hazel: Light
Ollie: Water
Sabrina: Earth, ‘caus of the plants
Dewey: Water

24) Who is your superior?
Ozzy: Aunt Xanthe
Hazel: Daddy
Ollie: Dad, and Grand Pa
Sabrina: Rupert
Dewey: You, your more sensible than Ollie (Ollie: HEY!, Me: Thanks:))

25) Sexual orientation?
Ozzy: Straight, but my creator likes putting me in yaoi situations
Hazel: Straight
Ollie: Straight
Sabrina: Straight
Dewey: Straight

26) Do you care what others think of you?
Ozzy: Some of the time
Hazel: Yes, but I’d never change who I am
Ollie: Not really
Sabrina: Yeah, all of the time
Dewey: sometimes, but never when I’m with my big brother!

27) Your theme song?
Ozzy: Planetary (go) by My Chemical Romance
Hazel: The Writer by Ellie Goulding
Ollie: Run by Gnarls Barkley
Sabrina: Hollywood by Marina and the Diamonds
Dewey: Velocity by Maximo Park

28) What's your species?
Ozzy, Hazel, Ollie, Sabrina, Dewey: Human

29) What makes you sad?
Ozzy: When my family is sad, I’m sad
Hazel: Not being able to help my brother
Ollie: When Dewey is sad
Sabrina: My real family
Dewey: Those kids and seeing Ollie being stressed

30) What would you change in your past?
Ozzy: Nothing comes to mind
Hazel: I wouldn’t change a thing
Ollie: I could have stop those children from hurting Dewey
Sabrina: I wish I could have met Rupert earlier
Dewey: I wouldn’t have let those kids push me around so much

31) What are your goals you want to achieve on your journey ^^?
Ozzy: Maybe become a proffesor of some sorts
Hazel: Either a Doctor or a teacher, and maybe teach dancing on the side
Ollie: A collage teacher
Sabrina: I'd like to have my own buissnes designing things
Dewey: Either a movie director or a teacher

32) Give one fact from your past.
Ozzy: I learn't how to play the guitar when I was just 5 years old
Hazel: I once represented the uk in a danceing competition and came second to someone from Spain
Ollie: I used to have OCD
Sabrina: I was once forgotten about and left in the middle of a storm
Dewey: I was pushed of a ledge

33) If you could cosplay as any character, who would it be?
Ozzy: Oz from Pandora Hearts
Hazel: Alice form Alice in wonderland
Ollie: Prussia from Hetalia
Sabrina: Tsukasa Hiiragi from Lucky Star
Dewey: Daisuke from D.N.Angel

I tag anyone who wants to do this but especially you, over there in the corner, ues you! and You do know that's illeagal do't you?