Funny Stupid People

A litle thing to cheer people up! ok so no matter how stupid you think you are don't worry there are people far dafter! These are all real examples from people who text into this radio show that I listen to and I thought it would cheer people up and also make you wonder 'how the hell??'

Someone thought Europe was in Asia.

Someone thought Portugal was the capital city of Spain.

Someone didn't know catapilars turned into butterflly.

Someone didn't know that England was in Europe.

Someone had an argument with their driving instructor saying that her "car didn't need oil, because it runs on petrol.

Someone else thought Brazil was the capitol of Spain.

Someone thought that pigs laid Sausages.

Someone with and English degree thought that "Moby Dick" was a detective.

Someone thought that a can of evaparated milk was a can of nothing.

Someone thought that France was on the east coast of England.

I hope you all enjoy it!