Please . . . . . Somebody make them go away!

Me: Why won’t they go away! *sniff sniff*
Ozzy: erm . . . . Ellenor, what won’t go away???
Me: GCSEs!!!
Ozzy: Don’t worry! You’ll be fi--- *I start to cry* AHH!! DON’T CRY!!!! *gives a hug* you’ll do great! Okay!!
Friend – Jessica: You’re not helping me Ellenor! Your smarter than I, how am I going to do?!?!?
Ozzy: If it’s any help I’ll help you study! (and if I could take them away I would! Even though . . . . .)
(Sorry random! I think I’ve started to lose it already!)

My GCSEs start tomorrow! I have 14 of them spread out over 3 weeks with a random free week towards the end (though I’m very grateful for it!) but it’s really scaring me!!! My teachers and everyone is expecting me to do well and I’m worried I might not live up to their standards! I need to do well in them because I want to go to college and to be the first person on my mum’s side to go to college for a long time. I think, if I can get the marks, I want to do English, art, computing, and either maths or history in college, but I don’t think I will.

There are other people on theO who are going through the same kind of thing at the moment which is exam stress! So good luck to everyone who are about to start their exams! Well, you might have seen Gabzss (Romanos Vixen) world where she is also stressing out (Well more like freaking out!), Whilst she’s smashing up walls and stuff (hopefully she hasn’t picked up her chainsaw up), I’m cowering in a corner, curled up in a ball and rocking back and forth wishing for it all to go away with books surrounding me!

On a better note I have the Hetalia vol.3 and Lucky Star vol.8 coming out next month and I’ll get to read them in peace after my exams have finished and I’m getting to new computer programs from serif, which is very good!!

So I will be quieter for the next month or so, I’ll probably post some random things and submit a few pieces of art for challenges, oh and there is a massive possibility that I will go slightly mad! (Then again I don’t think I was completely sane in the first place! ) So good luck to everyone who has any kind of exam!!