Royal Wedding Fever

The Royal wedding fever is reaching its penultimate with reporters from around the world! I like the fact that other countries are obsessed with our monarchy, it’s nice! Some people still think of the English as posh, tea drinking, bowler hat wearing people, which sadly isn’t true anymore (well some still are though minus the bowler hat), but I still wish it was, then again I read way to many romantic Victorian books!
The dresses and the army uniform the men are wearing look really cool! And I think Prince Phillip (Duke of Edinburgh) is one of the funniest from monarchy as he’s gotten away with saying so much and he’s going to be 90 this year and he was still horse riding competitively up to 3 or 4 years ago! My uncle calls him a ‘Greek God’ because of how he is!
Catherine Middleton (soon to be duchess of Cambridge) looks sooooooo beautiful in her wedding dress. And the little children look soooo sweeeeet!
Whereas most other countries have gotten rid of their monarchy we’ve kept ours, though we did try back in the 1600’s but the bloke who was in charge, Oliver Cromwell was a dull and a mardy git. He banned everything fun (because he was a puritan) though thought smoking was good (he was a very strange man) so we got the monarchy back and we’re happy with them!

Thousands of people are in London to see if they get a chance to see any of the Royal family. My uncle has done the ‘trouping the colours’ ceremony in front of the queen a quite a few years back with the Welsh Guards and I have met Prince Charles when I was younger but at the time I was more interested in a small dog!

So I wish the best for the future to Prince William and Kate Middleton! :) :)