He wears Stetsons now! And Stetsons are cool!

The Doctor Who has started and he’s already drunk!
Is it just me or is the doctor getting more and more posh?? And he seems stranger than ever which is how I like my doctor!!
The new aliens are really scary! I think it’s on the same level of scariness as weeping angels and those (on a personal level) really really scary things from water on mars.

I can’t wait until next week! Oh and AMY’S PREGNANT!!!!

They placed a tribute to Elisabeth Sladen at the beginning and there is a tribute program on the CBBC (kids channel) and it had tributes form Russell T Davies, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Tommy Night, Daniel Anthony, Aniji M (Rani), John Barrowmen, Barney Harwood (kids presenter) and Kat Manning. It was really touching! Everyone will miss her, Elisabeth Sladen, our Sarah Jane Smith!