Holliday?? Ha, they don't know the meaning of it!

It’s the Easter holidays!! Whoop! Two weeks off!!! Yey! Unfortunately I won’t be able to enjoy most of it as I have sooooooo much work!!

There is a very long list of work I have to do;
• About 5 ½ hours of past papers for welsh and study 10 poems for welsh as well,
• God knows how many hours of English,
• 6 past papers for music,
• 2 history past papers (Russia and Germany),
• 2 past papers for maths,
• A couple of past papers for science,
• Finish a piece for art and write up on an artist,
• A past paper for ICT,
• Go into school on the 18th and the 27th to get help with studying,
(I think I’ve remembered all of them)
Have my teachers forgotten the meaning of holidays??? I know they’re only trying to help but this is too much in one go!! Well at least I’ve finished both of music pieces. I’m NOT starting them now; I’ll probably start them on Monday or Tuesday. I will try and draw as much as I can over the weekend and then upload them during some brakes during the torture. But I will stop everything next Saturday at 6:00pm as I will not let anything or anyone get in my way of seeing my precious Doctor Who!!!!

As I’ve mentioned my real proper scary exams are starting soon (the 19th of May) and I have 14 of them. So I’ll a bit quiet from now until 16th of June but there will be a couple of days free and I’ll try my best and do something in those days!
I have done one of my Science exams already and it was an overall B, it was A for physics (I was so close to an A*) a B for chemistry and a D for biology (and I’m not going to do well in the other one either! ) and I got a B for American history, and I have done my art exam in march but I don’t know the mark yet.
I am panicking!! And because I’m in the higher classes they expect me to do really well, but it’s just stressing me out even further!

I’m sorry for complaining it’s just really getting too me now!