Art Exam

Hi! I'm so scared! I have a ten hour art exam starting tomorrow (5 hours tomorro and then 5 on wednesday). I think it will go ok but I'm still worried!
At least it will be ten hours in a confined room with my art teacher, but at least I'll be able drawing in school and I wont be told off, I'll get to miss rugby (a link for people who don't know what it is: External Image, I don't like it, I don't like the idea of people twice my size running towards me at high speed!!) and my ffriend, who has got a reputation for going mentl at teachers, who dis-likes the art teacher even more than I do!
I also have a performing music exam a two weeks to tomorrow and I'm more worried about that at the moment!!
You guys on the otaku are really good at giving advice and it has calmed me down (Thanks!!) un-like the advice my music teacher gave me a few weeks ago:

(a doodle I made with it on paint, thats why it's not very good)
That piece of advice doesn't fill me up with any confidence!!