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I guess this is ill be my sort off personal blog type thing
About Me
Nicknames: Ell, Ellie Nationality: Welsh - British
Description: Short, dyed red hair, green eyes, knower of random facts, geek (and proud), quiet.
Likes: Drawing, (a lot of drawing) Anime and Manga, geeky boys, Doctor Who, Seth Green, music, chocolate, reading, history & Myths, drawing, computers, comedy shows, walks, nature and most importantly stars.

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Back from Prague

As the title says I'm back from Prague, Czech Republic.It was a trip with my and another college that went from the 18th to the 22nd. Normally I would have said something before hand, but everything was a bit hit and miss and I wasn't that sure if I was gong for sure until the very last moment and there were no computers at the place we were staying at so I couldn't update things there either ^^

I really did enjoy Prague, it was very nice, but now only two parts of my feet work now from walking so much XD and I was abandoned by the group on Charles bridge, they did head counts and everything and they still forgot me, am I really that quiet? but being in a city was very nice and the independence is nice :D and we visited a lot of places, much more places than we did whilst in Barcelona and people did get drunk but they weren't half as bad as the ones in Barcelona, but this time around I was on a trip with a majority from a different college and there was only me and another boy from my college and the teachers were much more sensible.
I had a lot of fun, everyone was really nice and I thought I wouldn't fit in and be left out. Prague was lovely and visit there again but Barcelona will always have a special place in my heart.

So sorry for going M.I.A, I have drawings I made whilst there, I have photos and some pieces I didn't get a chance to upload before going ^^ :)

I hope all is well with you guys :) :)

Double Meme

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Here is a double meme I took part with someone on dA a while back and thought it might be interesting for you guys to see.

I did this with Tk

Back to College

I’ve started back at college now and this will hopefully be my last year there. This year I will be finishing business, doing art again because otherwise I’d get bored and I want to improve my mark and I’ve taken Law, which went better than I thought it would, due to the tutor was really patronising to me when I went to ask if I could take her class, just because I take art, well I shall prove her wrong! And my time table is quite good, I get two half days and maybe another one if I play my cards right because I’d otherwise would have one lesson in the morning and then one in the last lesson DX but I could easily take my computer in and work on some stuff there and I’ve worked out ways I can do my homework at college so a) I don’t get distracted and b) I can draw more at home :D So I won’t be on as much as I was during the summer as I won’t be able to stay up as late and I won’t be able to draw as much but there will still be art :D

Other updates

1. I want to do a series of drawings of Jessie’s dresses like a little fashion collection, having various clothes and maybe mixing styles like having a mainly bohemian dress but with Lolita elements (like the peti coats) I might do the same for Hazel and the other characters but mix matching more to their personality and styles. Any suggestions would be nice :)

2. I am going to making and selling things like scarfs’ and jewellery and so on and I want to make some Christmas cards and selling them too, I want to sell them online and at a local indoor market.

3. I am going to be drawing of more of Lovell and Pip and other Oc’s more :)

That’s about it from me ^^ I hope everything is okay with you guys :D

Decisions, decisions

I have some big decisions to make now. I have received my A/As level grades and well I’ve been left in limbo over the past few months, because I’ve recently changed my mind on what I want to do in uni, changing from doing game technology and design to doing something more like Business and Law because I think I can have a better chance at getting a good job and so I’ve been thinking should I just go to university this year to study game technology and design or Business and Law or stay on at my college for another year to finish business and maybe do another course. Because of the limbo I’ve been in recently I haven’t been able to make any decisions or plans for uni so it’ll be a stressful rush between now and when uni starts and that won’t do me any good. Right the pros of the two options are;

Going to uni this year;

  • Meet new people,
  • Live in a different place and get new experience and more confident,
  • Move on from my past and start anew, sooner


I don’t know what to choose as a course,

  • It’ll be a rush to do everything,
  • Worry about my Mum and Nain because I won’t be there for them

Staying on at college:

  • Get another year to get my choices straight
  • Get to do another course that might help with getting into uni (more UCAS Points) and better future maybe
  • I won’t have to do BAC this time (I’ve passed it :D)
  • I’ll get to work more on my art and improve, - hopefully get more money by selling things
  • The annoying people will have (hopefully) left


  • I’ll get left behind by everyone (I’m perfectly okay with being on my own, I’m used to it, I just mean the people I would have spent most of my life growing up with at school will have gone off and I will be still there, at college) <- this is my biggest thing
  • More young and noisy students will arrive

So the underlying thing in all of this is choices, I need to decide on where I will study at uni (all I know is that I am going to get as far away from Wales as possible, well north Wales at least), which subjects to progress with at college and at Uni, because my head says business and law would be my best option but my heart says Art or something creative and un-fortunelly Art and Business never go together v.v;


In other news I got first place with my tranquillity drawing at a local fair and it also got best in show, I am really happy about that, I worked really hard on it ^^

Ozzys Relationship map

Ozzy I really should talk to more people ¬_¬ I've only included the people Ozzy has actually met and I'll add to the...

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