The forest of old has been destroyed however It has been reborn hail to the forest made anew.
This world is pretty much has no concrete purpose and well I might have one later but until then SPARTA!!!

Damn you you sparkly vampire scum writers.

Well comic con is now a cesspool where it takes people's lives thanks to twilight. No I'm serious. Look at the game theory video on comic con. I'll summarize but thanks to that… thing I hesitate to even refer to it in thought as a piece of ...

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Short rant

I have many a shirt thing to rant on.
One why hasn't there been a translation for j-stars vs? I mean you can just sub it not do the full dub and I know people will just be clamoring for it yet they'll be pissed that they don't get it or it they do import it they won't understand cause well raise your hand if you can understand a lick of written Japanese?*sees nit many hands*exactly. Is namco bandai or whoever made it afraid fo money?

Two why don't people seem to support good studios when they do great things. Take wayforward good studio but not exactly well known. I mean show of hands how many of you heard of wayforward before the ducktales remastered, contra 4, half genie hero thing that may have caught your interest.*sees even less hands than my previous question* see what I mean? I mean when a good studio makes good games they should get more noticed right? Well some do and don't get noticed as much as they should.

Three am I the only one who is excited for the new wiiu/3ds things that are comming out this/next year? Me personally I'm excited for omega ruby and alpha sapphire or how ever it's called. Pirate's curse and smash bros. Tell me.

Four why do I get the feeling that somewhere out there someone genderbent shantae?*shivers* some things were never ment to be genderbent. Why are people so hellbent on genderbending people?

Five has anyone here heard of Toriko and was it any good?

Six why hasn't there been a marvel vs capcom vs shonen jump or something to that effect I mean imagine how much money that would get. It would be like having a goose that laid diamond encrusted golden eggs with gems rare furs and money right in your posseson?

Ok I think I'm done. Questions? Thoughts? Concerns? Tell me.


It's getting close to my birthday and well by my vaguely calculated calculations that mean shantae pirate's curse will be comming soon if it ain't out already. And while your here if ya got a 3DS BUY ALL OF WAYFORWARD'S STUFF ON THE 3DS CAUSE THEY...

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I AM ON THE HYPE TRAIN TO FANTASTIC GAME BABY WHOO HOO!!!! On a serious note I am excited for a fee new games comming soon and well some things that happened in my current games. 1) valve made an update to TEAM FORTRESS 2 with NEW WEA...

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I got promoted....