The forest of old has been destroyed however It has been reborn hail to the forest made anew.
This world is pretty much has no concrete purpose and well I might have one later but until then SPARTA!!!


I got promoted....

Body wars III:revenge of the sick.

Have you ever been sick got rid of said sickness then a weak later it comes back only worse?cause it just happened to me. (Xc)

A grand return.

I am back to posting here and I regret my absence. Never the less I have though myself to post again to say these few things.
1: have you all heard of "problem children are coming from another world aren't they?"
2:why not watch it?
3:why is this anime so awesome?
Such a good anime yet 10 eps and 1 ova. A bit short and no signs of a season two with a bit of a cliffhanger WHY?
at any rate rally knolege of this anime to spread throughout the world cause it deserves it.


I have 2 questions for you all. any of you have sfm(source filmmaker)
2amd do you know how to work it cause I don' help me


is it just me or does anyone else feel like the last 10% of downloading something feels like it's taking more time than the other 90%?
for me it does i'm downloading *blank**blank**blank* and the first 90% was blazing but the last 10% feels like it's taking it's sweet it just me or does anyone else feel it?