The forest of old has been destroyed however It has been reborn hail to the forest made anew.
This world is pretty much has no concrete purpose and well I might have one later but until then SPARTA!!!


I just graduated was really nice.....I feel really happy. Hopefully Khoi guys do too.


I just got my learners permit today and I saw jerassic world........suddenly the idea of mixing one of my oc's with the main big bad dino's DNA seems to be very tempting all of a sudden. Anyways the big bad is certainly at set upr from last time and not gonna say anything more than that.

I am angry.

You know when you get to the end of something you work very hard on but then something from out of nowhere came and screwed you over? Well that happened with me. Earlier today I was playing MvM with a friend of mine trying to help me finish my tour(basically a group of missions akin to levels in a world o's super Mario). I was on the last wave... Mere seconds away from finishing it them my internet busted up and I was unable to rejoin the server screwing em out of 2 hours worth of work and bullcrap due to me being forced to work with rage quitters for a good 95% of the time and when I did end up getting it I lost out on all that progress. Why did this happen to me? why?

I am excited and sad right now,

I am excited because shantae and the pirate's curse is comming out October 24.....I am sad because I have no 3ds......but still if you guys like creative games and good metriodvanias or just want something different try the shantae series. All the games currently out at time of writing will be on 3ds,


*invert the captain falcon anime galaxy destroying falcon punch scene here with "tag punch!" instead of "falcon paunch!"*
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1.Favored jojo's bizarre adventure power sendo/hamon/the ripple(all one thing but has multiple names) or the stand?
2.look up the great heart attacks(GHAs) from jojo's bizarre adventure all stars and tell me which is your favorite. YouTube is the easiest I find.
3.part 3 dio or part 1 dio?
What would be the power you would not have above all others.
4.why is there an angry mewtwo behind you?
5.meem or *in emperor palpetine's voice*UNLIMITED PANCAKES!
6.wood shield or jewel satellite?
7.are you angry at capcom?
8.poke on relish are you excited for it? you play tf2? you even watch jojo's bizarre adventure. The new anime I mean.
11.naruto,jojo,one piece, bleach which has the most creative powers in your opinion?