Name: Lola
Age: 19
Birthday: March 14
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon lycan
Hair Colour: Gingery blonde
Hair Length and Style: Waist-length and curly
Eye Colour: Crimson
Skin Colour: Lightly tanned, golden in dragon form.
Personality: Opinionated, loud, bossy, domineering, a natural leader, easily irritated, kind to friends and small children.
Likes: Fire, jewelry, good food, sleep, nature, and flight.
Dislikes: Being confined, annoying people, tight clothes, and cold weather.
Clothes: Red, knee-length empire-waisted tunic trimmed with black, gold gladiator sandals, gold-plated dragon tooth on a chain as a necklace, and sharp red toenails and fingernails.
Background: Lola was abandoned by her parents when they discovered that she could transform into a fire-breathing dragon. She began living in the woods alone at age six.
Anything else: Lola is incredibly strong, intelligent, and agile, just like a pureblood dragon. She has a taste for mutton, beef, pork, and other meats. She would die trying to protect friends that she truly cares about.