Hulaberry32's OC-Ayre

Name: Ayre

Age: 16

Birthday: December 23

Gender: Female

Species: Angel (her wings are hidden but she can extend them at any time)

Hair Colour: Midnight black

Hair Length and Style: Elbow-length, with long side bangs parted to the right, held back with a pink hair clip

Eye Colour: Bright pink

Skin Colour: Fair skinned, almost pale

Personality: Quiet, calculating, smart, loyal, unmerciful to enemies, cold

Likes: Order, silence, plaid

Dislikes: Stupid people, savages

Clothes: Pink and black plaid skirt, off the shoulder black shirt that is somewhat ripped in places with a pink tank-top underneath, black sneakers with pink thigh high socks

Background: Ayre was born into a rich family, but ran away when she was five because she did not like their style of living. She self-taught herself and worked in the library for money. People were mean to her because of her style of living, and for this she is very cold towards others and trusts no one.

Anything else: Ayre is a great archer, and she is a very graceful fighter, preferring a 'one hit, one kill' fighting method.