Villains: Desdemona and Noboru

Name: Desdemona

Age: she looks around eleven or younger but she's really over two hundred years old

Birthday: unknown

Gender: female

Species: witch

Hair Colour: silver white

Hair Length and Style: very long ends to her knees, straight with no bangs, ties her hair in pig tails held up by black and red ribbons

Eye Colour: black

Skin Colour: paper white

Personality: she's soft spoken and stoic, her real personality which is wicked, mischievous, crazy and sadistic is seen when she talks through her puppet Moppet

Likes: dolls, puppets, dresses, children and drinking tea

Dislikes: grown ups, boring stuff, rules, coffee, growing up, witches and ninjas the most

Clothes: she dresses in a school uniform she worn when she was in the academy for withces. A black dress that ends over her knees, a purple crop blazer, stripped stockings, black ballet shoes

Background: She had a fascination for dolls and puppets all her life. After the deaths of her family she had another fascination for souls. Desdemona always wanted her dolls to have their own souls and come to life but creating souls is impossible so Desdemona stole people's souls and seal them into dolls. She took the soulless bodies and made them into puppets. If she doesn't like how they look she changes them and turn them into monstrous forms. One day she took the soul of the child of a Ninja Lord. The ninjas went after her, Desdemona did not want to give up, so when they cornered her she destroyed the doll and the child's soul was lost forever. The witches were ashamed and as punishment they punished Desdemona by turning her into a doll. After years of imprisonment she was released by some curious children. After she made them into her new dolls she set out to take revenge on the witches and ninjas

Anything else: Her puppet Moppet is made out of wood, has a round head and shaggy blonde hair on top, one eye is small and red and the other eye is big and yellow. wares a dress


Name: Noboru Faust

Age: 21

Birthday: November 12th

Gender: male

Species: warlock

Hair Colour: chestnut brown

Hair Length and Style: long, past his shoulders, ties it in a pony tail

Eye Colour: amber

Skin Colour: pale

Personality: Acts really nice and gentle fatherly, brotherly or gentlemanly(depends on who he's dealing with) but he's really cruel, calculating, and vicious. Ambitious and very intelligent

Likes: poison, potions, corpses, graveyards, bones, skeletons, women

Dislikes: chocolate(that's insane right?), candy, alcohol

Clothes: He dresses in a long light gray goat with a high collar, white shirt and black pants and boots. wares gloves all the time, and sometimes a mask that covers his mouth, nose and chin like a Surgeon's mask

Background: He had always wanted to become the most powerful witch ever and he wanted to master every spell that existed and he even practice dark magic. When it was found out that he was studying necromancy he was banished from the witch's society. So he's after revenge against the witches.

Anything else: In witch lore warlocks are witches who study dark magic so they can be either man or woman

A/N: <_<;...I wanted to create a ninja villain along with a witch villain but I couldn't come up with anything >,< I thought making Hanna's sister a villain but I couldn't think of a reason why would she turn evil @[email protected] *braindead*