greenLeAf's Villian~Calypso

Name: Calypso

Age: looks 17 or 18ish but is really very old (like Xexilia)

Birthday: May 22 (she was bron before midnight on the 22nd but Xexilia was born after midnight...they're twins)

Gender: Female

Species: Elf

Hair Colour: Black with hints of dark blue

Hair Length and Style: long but not really long; high ponytail and long, choppy bangs

Eye Colour: changes based on moods

Skin Colour: Pale

Personality: Calm during and out of battles; witty; looks down at people (mostly Xexilia); mysterious

Likes: Elegant foods and wines; cold temperatures; fighting

Dislikes: cheap wine or food; hot tempertaures; being looked down upon or underestimated

Clothes: Wears a flexibe breastplate and gauntlets for defense; likes to wear short dresses or skirts; soft boots; blindfolded eyes; has a circle-like weapon strung across her back; pouch on hip full of who-knows-what

Background: she's Xexilia's twin but we'll get to the rest later

Anything else: Pointy-ears, stiched mouth, about the opposite of Xexilia

I'm in the process of drawing her now^^