HV's Villian!

Name: Xenosa Zacharias
Age: 17
Birthday: 9/12
Gender: female
Species: Human as far as she knows
Hair Colour: auburn
Hair Length and Style: thin, medium length hair, always down and fluttering
Eye Colour: grey
Skin Colour: dark
Personality: witty, seemingly pleasant, quite two-faced, nagy, a bully in abstract ways
Likes: only eats meat, anti-vegetarian, horror flicks/tales/books/places
Dislikes: plants, new life, religion, government, and artificial food/lakes/land/anything
Clothes: very short jean shorts and a t-shirt or tank top or cami
Background: we'll get there
Anything else: anarchist, carnivorous, senior member of the vesper gang, lives in a really crappy town where even the air is thick and tinged yellow.

*as u can see, I like the letter "X" (I named Xexilia, greeny's character X3)