My third OC

Name: Miwako Rin-Shay
Age: 18
Birthday: -_- i 4get, ill go lookit up in a sec
Gender: female
Species: Warrior human
Hair Colour: White, blue, orange, red
Hair Length and Style: middle of back, styles it differently each day
Eye Colour: green/blue
Skin Colour: Tanish
Personality: Shy around boys, sweet, skilled, will fight boys but is afraid to talk to them or be noticed by them, clumsy, oblivious sometimes, innocent(sorta)
Likes: sleepovers, friends, boys(to look at XD) training and battling, never killing though
Dislikes: death, heartbreak, blushing, curry, potatoes, feet, being tickled on the back of the neck, embarasment, public speaking, and losing
Clothes: tight chinese dress covered by a breast plate armor vest thingy, shoulder armor, long, sharp, detachable elbow blades
Background: normal high school kid(sorta)
Anything else: enjoys cake and smelling things