I hate mornings


I woke up when I felt something pressed on my back. What was that? Dusk? No it was way too big for a little cat. I slowly got up feeling groggy and looked over next to me. Lying in bed beside me was a raven haired man. At first I stared blurred eyed at him and then my eyes widen and I let out a scream. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?!"

The man woke up and he looked over at me sleepily. A man in my bed?! Was he here the entire night?!?

I magically summoned my kunais in my hands. I only summoned them this way when I was really fired up like right now. The violet eyes of the man widen as he realized he was in a hell of trouble. He jumped out of the bed as a kunai hit the pillow and feathers fluttered in the air.

"Get back here!" I shouted after him as he made a mad dash to the door. I threw another kunai and it hit the wall instead. I jumped out of the bed, luckily I was still wearing my day clothes, and ran after him.

I saw him about to turn a corner and threw three kunais at him. Two hit the wall behind him and one hit the wall in front of him. It was two inches close from his face. He stopped to stare at the kunai that nearly missed him and then he was off again.

"Get back here so I can kill you!" I shouted at him and got more kunais out.


lol Does anyone want to break these two up?