Alice and September

Name: Alice
Age: Unknown but looks 20
Birthday: October 1st
Gender: Female
Species: Fate Demon
Hair Color: It's white during the day and black during the night
Hair Length and Style: Down to her waist, and is extremely straight. She has extremely long bangs that cover her eyes.
Eye Color: Red
Skin Color: Pale as a ghost
Personality: Evil; Loves to make fun of people; During the day, she is very nice and sweet, because that is when she isn't very strong, but at night, she's extremely mean and it would be a good idea for people to stay out of her way, but sometimes, if people can get her in a really good, which is sometimes a rarity; Most of the time, there's no way to tell if she is good or bad because of the way she acts, though most people take her for bad;
Likes: Strawberries; Chocolate; Roses; Pointy stuff, like knives, etc.;
Weapons; Sweets; Boys; Drawing in her sketch book that she brings with her at all times and drawing the visions that she sees; Playing with her pencil or yo-yo; Playing her flute;
Dislikes: Good people; Goody two shoes people; Healthy food; Humans; People taking away her yo-yo;
Clothes: A black jacket with a thin, v-neck blouse underneath it that cuts off just above her belly button and a black skirt that ends just above her knees; She wears black boots and a really thin red scarf around her neck;
Background: She doesn't remember much of her past, except that she lived with her twin brother, September, all her life and always stayed with him. She does remember her parents and what her life was before coming a full fledged demon.

She was born as a Fate Demon, who can tell the fates of others, but most Fate Demons go crazy from all of the information they get told. She hasn't gone crazy yet, but she's inches away from it.
Anything else: She's very violent while she is awake during the night, but she's more peaceful during the day and nicer than she is at night, though, sometimes at night, she is very nice if her brother can keep her that way.

EDIT: Also if she scrapes off some of her sword's iron and eats it, she can blow it out of her mouth and the scrapings can take to any form she wants. This can also happen with September's sword.


Name: September
Age: Unknown but looks 20
Birthday: October 1st
Gender: Male
Species: Luck Demon
Hair Colour: Black during the day, and a pale white during the night;
Hair Length and Style: Down to his waist and sometimes puts it up in a ponytail; Has extremely long bangs that cover his eyes;
Eye Colour: Black
Skin Colour: Pale as a ghost
Personality: Can be very romantic if every set up in a relationship; Nice at some points; Shy; Can be very mean if people get him into the attitude;
Likes: Evil; Violent things; Girls; Sweets; Playing his violin;
Dislikes: Good people;
Clothes: A black jacket with a plain black shirt underneath, but his pants are blood red and have black chains attached to them; Has both of his ears pierced; Wears motorcycle boots and a thin, red scarf;
Background: He remembers everything about his past, even though his twin sister doesn't. Since he is the eldest, he protects his sister all the time, and doesn't let her go crazy around people at night. It's easy for him to keep her quiet and calm at night, but if she gets bothered a lot, it's harder for him to keep her under control.
Anything else: He was born as a Luck Demon, who, depending on the people near him, can predict their luck or give them luck or bad luck. He mostly produces bad luck, which is why it's hard for him to have friends.

So, um, hi! I'm another new member~ ^^ Here are my characters, Alice and September. I forgot to mention in their profiles that they use black iron swords that they keep on their backs at all times. ^^