Kei the Crow

Name: Kei (nickname Kezzi)

Age: 11

Birthday: January 18

Gender: Female

Species: Crow Demon(She will change human when necessary though) *she's to little to understand she's a demon so she just thinks she's a crow that is special and can turn into a human*

Hair Colour: Feathers-Black with white tipped wings Hair-Black with white bangs

Hair Length and Style: It goes to about her elbow and her bangs kind of cover her eyes.

Eye Colour: Her right eye is yellow and her left eye(the one with the eye patch) is red.

Skin Colour: (When in human form) Pale

Personality: Cute, hyperactive, clueless, caring, easily amused, but very shy when you first meet her.

Likes: Flying, meeting people, flying, candy XD

Dislikes: Hurting people when she doesn’t want to, bitter things, and as she would say it, big meanies.

Clothes: A stripped black and white long sleeved baggy shirt, eye patch over her left eye(she thinks it’s too unnatural looking to have a yellow and red eye so she covers it, but will switch it if she gets bored), a witches hat.

Background: A lot of the times she's mistaken for a ghost because when people do spot her bad luck befalls them(because she is a demon, let alone a crow demon, she always brings bad luck) She wanders around and watches people but is always too shy to stick around.

She was separated from her family a few months ago and has been wandering
around looking for her mom and dad (DX Though the sad thing is they've gone back to the demon realm and she's too young to transfer to the demon realm and is stuck in the human world)

Anything else: Because she is a crow demon she brings bad luck to most people and hates her self because of it so she try’s and stays away from people but some times can't help it.

Her powers still aren't at their fullest but even still as a crow she can hit high speeds and that's also a reason she is at times mistaken as a ghost because of the fast movements.


Elloz~! ...Hemm... I thinks I know most of ya but just in case, I'm Littlepooch but most peoples here call me Poochy! (now that that's outa the way XD) Yo I'm your new member *is shot cause it's obvious by now*

I can try and have a piccy of Kei up soon ^^