Name: Lyn Nia
Age: 13
Birthday: December 1
Gender: female
Species: human (She's an artist with the ability to draw things from paper into reality. She can also project illusions of things on people when she draws.)
Hair Colour: light blonde
Hair Length and Style: part of her hair is up in two pigtails on the side of her head while the rest of her hair falls down to about her shoulders.
Eye Colour: blue
Skin Colour: pale
Personality: Easily happy and excited, Lyn has a very young nature and is always looking for something to do. She's insanely gentle with everyone and everything, and she tends to become overly emotional when stressed. Her trust in the good of people is so astounding that it sometimes gets her into trouble with people, yet she doesn't deviate from this.
Likes: drawing pictures, playing with animals, climbing trees
Dislikes: stressful situations, people that are negative, cakes
Clothes: she wears a short sleeved black dress that crops just above her knees. Under the dress she wears white hose and black shoes.
Background: Born in a small town, Lyn grew up spending most of her time drawing. She was once a quiet child but found it more profitable to be extremely sociable. However, Lyn developed a complete trust in people and never deviated. This later caused her to be kidnapped by a group interested in holding her for ransom. However, even during this time, Lyn believed that what the ransomer's were doing was fine and that she would somehow get back to her family eventually. However, he family didn't have the money, and eventually, the ransomer's sold Lyn into slavery. Yet even then, the child only eight at the time worked diligently as a servant to a household. Finding time to draw during that time, Lyn balanced her work without complaint. At the age of eleven, Lyn was transferred over to another house hold after several instances with bandits. Despite the fact that her new masters were ruthless and domineering, the young girl remained light and unaffected. By age thirteen, Lyn was sold yet again. However, the family that was going to put her to work was killed by roaming Kenai leaving Lyn to being alone. Unable to take this, the young girl ran away and headed in a random direction. She has been wandering around aimlessly since then.
Anything else: @[email protected] I made a lollie... *is shot*