My other OC Dusk

NAME: Dusk

AGE: ?



SPECIES: Daemon (not demon) they're a type of familiar that can takes of form of an animal with strange characteristics and can transform to fit their needs.


HAIR LENGTH: short and soft, in human form long usually in a pony tail

EYE COLOR: purple

SKIN COLOR: in human form is dark tan

PERSONALITY: sarcastic, snide, rude, likes to fight and has a good humor sometimes

LIKES: comedy, action, making rude and sarcastic commits

DISLIKES: rain, getting wet, dogs and stronger demons

CLOTHES: when he's human he where's a black and red vest with no shirt underneath and black pants with white bandage rapping around his left thigh. White rappings on his forearms and goes around bare foot.

BACKGROUND: Before he became Hanna's servant he served under Hanna's mother Miranda. Before he served under Miranda he had faced cruel masters both Miranda and Hanna were the only humans that treated him with kindness and respect. He dreams to be free and Miranda promised him after she became Primus Wicce she would release him from service but when Hanna was born she made Dusk become his servant against his wishes. He was very angry and plot to kill Hanna so he could win his freedom. His murder plans always failed. Despite it all Hanna treated him kindly and tried to be friends with him. Dusk grudgingly gave up and decided it probable wouldn't be so bad to be a familiar longer but he made Hanna promised to set him free some day.

ANYTHING ELSE: In his casual familiar form is a small black cat with horns above the eyes and black and dark gray bat like wings. In his battle form is a large black panther about the size of a horse with large black wings and long saber like teeth and a scorpion tail, it's even poisonous at the end. In his human form that he uses for various purposes is a seventeen year old boy. Dusk has this spontaneous impulse to try and kill Hanna like slipping acid in her drink but Hanna always know it's coming and gets back at him like pouring the acid drink on him :) They have a strange relationship.